So I have the biggest headache ever…

…because I’m detoxing! Yeah, I had a few days where I ate some things that I shouldn’t have had, and I’m right now I’m experiencing candida die off symptoms. Normally I would dial my detox down a bit to lessen my current symptoms, but I’m determined to get through this because I want to as aggressive as I can this time around and make this the last time. I have made lots of progress so far, but I admit I haven’t gone without simple sugars long enough to ensure candida doesn’t rear its ugly head again.


If you’re reading this with a funny look on your face, don’t worry. I was there too. It doesn’t make much sense to make myself feel worse to get better, but that’s how I know I’m killing these toxins. There are many detox symptoms, and I’m going to do my best to shed some light on them so you’ll be aware of them when you decide to detox.


So what are detox symptoms?

Detoxing is not for the faint of heart. Depending on the type, it can actually get pretty intense! As we starve or kill the toxins in our body (in my case Candida), they release even more toxins into our bodies. This process is also known as a Herxheimer reaction, and can be dangerous if you’re not careful. As you kill the toxins, they can express themselves and leave the body through:

  • Acne
  • Headaches
  • Chills
  • Itchiness, skin rashes or hives
  • Diarrhea or constipation
  • Sweating
  • Fever
  • Nausea

When we experience any of these symptoms, it means we’re killing the toxins faster than our livers can tolerate the exchange. Since the toxic overload can actually kill brain cells, it’s important to manage your symptoms. I was out for most of the day so I had to operate with my headache; but when I got home, I drank a detox tea from Teavana that reduced my migraine to just a nagging headache. I also took two Candidase pills that are helping reduce the detox discomfort I’m having. I laid on my side for a few minutes so it could kick in enough for me to type this comfortably, and I feel so much better now.

There’s nothing on Earth like this!

Yes there is, and it could be worse, dear grasshopper. The physical process is much like we’re experiencing drug withdrawal symptoms, when you see folks quitting drugs cold turkey–they get the shakes, night sweats, hallucinations, nausea & vomiting, and more–albeit these symptoms are much more debilitating. It’s much better for recovering drug addicts to be in a rehab in order to undergo these changes in a controlled and supervised setting. Yes, these toxins are like drugs that take over our bodies and give us ‘highs’– especially sugar and caffeine! You know, that feeling you get when you eat a slice of cheesecake or how your everything changes when you’ve had your morning macchiato…think about it, you’re addicted.


What else can I do to reduce the symptoms?

These help flush the toxins out faster to keep up with the die off, and you get to manage your symptoms!

  • Increasing your water intake
  • Drinking detox/herbal teas
  • Taking epsom salt baths
  • Dry brushing
  • Getting adequate rest
  • Avoiding unnecessary stress
  • Minimize exposure to the same toxins that created your situation (In my case, sugar)
  • Remain positive that these unpleasant symptoms are temporary and will wane with time

Okay, the last four do not directly flush toxins, but they do help you manage your symptoms by providing a healthy and stable environment free of toxins. Rest allows your body to heal, which helps your body deal with the toxins efficiently. Unnecessary stress weakens your immune system, which hampers your body’s ability to deal with the toxic overload. It’s important to steer clear of the known toxins that caused your situation while you’re detoxing so you don’t pile on more work for your body to do.

Most importantly, you/we have to stay positive throughout this process. As long as the symptoms are tolerable, they will fade as you stay the course. Since these symptoms make you/us feel ‘worse’ than before, the Herxheimer phase is where most folks misinterpret the fact that their bodies are actually eliminating toxins and quit prematurely; I admit I’ve quit too soon before.

My friends, if you’re going through any of these symptoms, it means you’re on the right track to getting closer to your goal. And if you’re getting ready to start your journey, arm yourself with this information to manage your symptoms effectively. I see it as a rite of passage now lol.


How did you get through your detox symptoms? Leave a comment!



Hey y’all! This is a topic that’s dear to my heart as it has developed into the cornerstone of my health journey. I became aware of them as my bout with BV turned into an issue with yeast, and I’ve been consumed with finding ways to not just manage symptoms, but to eliminate them altogether. Read on to learn what I’ve learned so far, and find my first ever giveaway!

What are toxins, how do we get them, and why are they so important to my health and wellness journey?

Toxins are chemicals that don’t belong in the body, and they’re everywhere- in the air, processed foods, medicines, etc. When we ingest them, our livers create fat cells, mucus, and fluid to protect our bodies against them. They swell with toxins and produce cellulite, and when we don’t eat a balanced diet, this continues unchecked. Our immunity drops, we start feeling sluggish, acne develops, and serious cases of high blood pressure, diabetes, gout, digestive issues like constipation, GERD, acid reflux disease, recurring infections become the new norm as the natural balance between the good and bad bacteria has been broken, and other illnesses occur; even cancer has been linked to poor diet. And this list is NOT all inclusive.

What makes a diet ‘balanced’?

Foods that we eat are either ‘Alkaline’ (fruits and vegetables) or ‘Acidic’ (meats, breads, pastas, processed foods, medicines). A proper balance of these foods “Keep the doctor away” by raising immunity, and essentially negating the effects of toxins on the body (An overly acidic body is toxic). The Western/American diet is mainly meat/potatoes/breads/pastas/processed foods/filled with medicines/you get the idea, which lead to the illnesses that lead to more medicines! With our busy schedules, most folks don’t have time to cook the recommended 8-9 servings of fruits and veggies each day; instead we grab ‘something quick’ in the drive thru, which is filled with mostly-MEAT, POTATOES and BREAD! (Burgers and fries, to be more clear). And the cycle continues….

I’m already on a diet…

The problem with most diets is that they only address your calorie intake. It doesn’t take a rocket science to know that if you burn more calories than you consume, you’ll lose weight. While this is fundamentally true, however, if you’re not getting rid of the accumulated toxins the weight will come right back. Remember how our livers detect toxins and increase fat production? When we lose weight from the diet our toxicity actually increases, which sends our livers into action again! Increased toxicity also makes cravings come back too, think of it as withdrawals…Detoxing when you lose weight ensures you lose the weight, and KEEP IT OFF!!

But I’m Not ‘Big’ Though!

Everyone needs a balanced diet, and being thin doesn’t mean you’re healthy! The general assumption links the two, but there is a little-known yet MAJOR fact that greatly impacts your health. There are genetic variants that increase risks for developing diseases like Type 2 diabetes, and while a lot of folks have it, their fat is stored differently (deep around organs instead of just under the skin) so isn’t as easily detected by looking at someone. ‘Skinny’ people are diagnosed with and die from diet-related diseases and complications EVERY single day!


How can you help me?

  1. Cleanse to reset the bacteria in your digestive tract, get rid of bloat and intestinal sludge, all without being a laxative! If something needs to move, it’ll do so gently! And honestly, nothing shouldn’t be running through your system like paint thinner anyway, laxatives are habit-forming band-aids that do not address the underlying issue: a broken digestive system! We can carry up to NINE POUNDS of WASTE in our intestines, let my gentle, 2-day herbal Cleanse address that for you, naturally with Aloe Vera Gel, plant extracts, and Organic Blue Agave! And it TASTES GREAT!
  2. Greens is a powder that you put in water or juice to get 8 servings of fruits and vegetables along with 38 superfoods! The Cleanse sets the stage for the Greens to do what it does best, which is maintain proper digestion and release of TOXINS! You will have less bloating, fluid retention, and your immunity will go up! By infusing your diet with Greens, you will negate and lessen the effect of toxins on your body! Bye-bye high blood pressure, diabetes, gout, sugar cravings, ulcers, acid reflux, and more! Greens are not a meal replacement, it supplements your diet with nutrient-rich foods that most folks don’t have time to consume. Get going in the right direction with Greens!
  3. Wraps (Ultimate Body Applicators) have a proprietary blend of herbal extracts that remove toxins from our subcutaneous fat layer! Which means the fat cells under our skin shrink to reveal less cellulite, and more tightened, toned, and firmed skin! You drink water while you have it on, and the toxins are flushed away! They do not take the place of proper diet and exercise, but they enhance weight loss by firming as you lose!
  4. Thermofit addresses your caloric needs by raising your metabolism to burn more calories from your workouts! It does NOT take the place of diet and exercise; whether you’re walking at work, around the block, or going to the gym every other day these will enhance your fat-burning results! You will have more energy to get those workouts in too!
  5. Fatfighters address your intake needs by blocking absorption of about 70/30 percent carbs/fat into your body! This allows you to have guilt-free cheat meals! It also curbs your appetite by maintaining blood sugar levels, which helps you avoid sugar spikes and cravings! They do NOT help you lose weight NOR mean you can eat recklessly all the time, they’re important because they MAINTAIN weight loss so you can enjoy meals with family and friends without being the only one at the salad bar!


Do they work for you too?

Yes!! These products are part of my maintenance regimen, and as I journey towards the best version of myself I get to share and inspire others to do the same! The business side of this opportunity has been amazing so far, and these products will definitely help you too! All of these products are available separately or as a customized package to fit your wellness needs, let’s complete your FREE consultation TODAY!


P.S. Begin your journey this month for an entry per product to win this travel bag! It’s perfectly compact for your FAA sized containers, and there’s still room for a small toothbrush and toothpaste!

*Entries will be awarded until 12 midnight 7/31/16 PST, retail and loyal customers only!


Making my way back…

…to the gym is going to be a pretty sweet transition. For lack of better words, I chose this sarcastic way of referring to the situation because I have been nursing some injuries for the past year now that haven’t let up yet. And since today is Fitness Friday, I need to uphold my daily schedule with y’all!

You see, living a healthier lifestyle is more than diet. Sure, it is about 80% of the journey, but exercise is what rounds it all out. Muscle tone, strength, flexibility, and heart rate all create the beautiful beach bodies so many long for. They even maintain curves, for you can sculpt your body exactly the way you want with targeted exercises and strength training.

I have not been physically active in at least a year, and I have noticed how my physique has changed. Although I have been able to maintain my weight with my diet, my muscle tone and mass have gone sour, and my endurance is a fraction of what it was just a year ago. Yet my body still isn’t ready to get back in there. But everyday I pray for the day I can get back to completing that last 20% on a consistent basis.

Reclaiming my physique isn’t the only reason I’m a bit nostalgic, but I had more energy when I worked out regularly. Whenever I was worried or stressed about something, keeping track of my sets and reps took my mind away from it. And I slept better afterward. I took pride in making my clothes fit and hang better on my body. I love clothes, and I made mine look good, not the other way around. I felt good too, and that just added fuel to the fire. My journey didn’t begin with my trainer, it actually started with the Spark. It’s a free online resource that gives tips, recipes, and even exercise videos so you won’t hurt your body trying to do something lol. I used this free community until I decided to switch from being a DIYer about my body and get some training.

It’s not about being skinny, either. I’m petite, and at my height I could be a size 2. Hey, I used to be one once upon a time…but I love my curves, so I’m a healthy size 4, 6, or even an 8 depending on the maker or style. I love being fit for all of the above reasons, and because they allow me to be proud of the skin I’m in. This is what I pass on to my clients, since this is what I live everyday. That is, when my body will let me do so again lol….


Have you ever unintentionally fallen off the bandwagon? How did you get back on?

So before yeast, there was…

….BV. It’s known by this short name by those of us who have recurring bouts of it, and although my recurrent stage wasn’t as long as the one I’ve had with yeast, my issue with bacterial vaginosis was certainly frustrating. I suffered off and on in silence since I was 18, and as time wore on, the more often my infections came back. Little did I know, they never really went away because my diet actually fed the bad bacteria and the antibiotics killed the good bacteria.

My last recollections of BV were so frustrating, I remember telling my doctor that I was so tired of the meds not getting rid of it! I honestly didn’t know that not eating a balanced diet had absolutely anything to do with it! That is, until after I found a baking soda remedy online.

First off, what is BV?

BV is a common bacterial infection that affects the lady parts of as many as 1 out of every 3 women. Often billed as a ‘nasty women’s disease’, this attached stigma that associates it with ‘uncleanliness’ or ‘promiscuity’ largely makes the afflicted suffer in silence. There is information out there, if you’re willing to type in slightly varied questions into Google search to read arguments on message boards and watch hours of YouTube videos. So here it is, simplified!

There is a delicate pH balance down there, which maintains a healthy balance of good and bad bacteria. When that pH balance is off (read:too acidic but more on that later), you get BV when bad bacteria overrun the good bacteria in your lady parts. It causes a gray/greenish discharge that has a fishy odor and itching. Although semen, poor wiping habits, and period blood can contribute to the change in the vaginal flora, they are certainly not the immediate cause. So you’re not necessarily nasty, there’s other stuff going on!

Why and how did the baking soda work?

In my desperation, I scoured the message boards. Stumbled on a couple YouTube videos that explained how they drank baking soda water. My interest was piqued, so I searched for articles to read about this particular remedy. It said to drink 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 8 ounces of water (on an EMPTY stomach), so I put a whole teaspoon in a regular 16 oz bottle of water, and only drink half of it each morning on my way to work so eact bottle actually lasted 2 days. To my delight, it worked!

Why did I stop?

Baking soda can interrupt digestion, so I stopped when I found a package that had the word ‘alkalize’ on it. It boasted 8 servings of fruits and veggies, and 38 superfoods, which was more than I could admit to eating each day. My logic was clear: I could kill two birds with one stone – get a more balanced diet and alkalize my body without risking my digestion – AND do so naturally! Since I had researched a bit to find that the absence of enough vegetables contributed to my acidic (read: bad-bacteria loving) environment, I hypothesized that my new supplement would work just as well against the BV. And boy was I right!!! I had finally won my years-long battle with BV, and it has been 2 years since my last diagnosis!

This oh so big victory lasted for about a year before my attention was directed to BV’s ugly cousin…yeast. Clearly, I had gotten rid of the bad bacteria that was causing the BV, but a few months later I started a new job where we ate out practically everyday. Although I was still drinking my veggies, my diet was horribly overloaded with burgers, bread, and pasta. My weight climbed back up again before I knew it. I was more lethargic, and I absolutely had to have pasta if I saw it on the menu. I literally craved it and other carbs and sweets. I had set up the perfect toxic environment for candida to take over where BV left off, because candida loves sugar. Thankfully, I’ve made great progress since last November and I’ve shared some of how I eat to maintain it here!


Update! Hope My Journeys Help Yours!

I have to admit, I’ve come a long way! I had no idea my physical life would change so much, and it all started with me being tired of leaving my hair in someone else’s hands! To be honest, my journey to a healthier lifestyle began with my desire to produce my own head of full, healthy hair! I had issues with fluctuating weight and acne, but my hair was the bane of my existence. You see, I had worked as an assistant of an upscale hair salon and was able to help others with their chemically straightened hair, yet I didn’t want to deal with the expensive drama of getting mine done any longer. I could also appreciate the craft and science behind the chemicals so I didn’t want  to over process my hair, so I was in quite a pickle.


So my natural hair struggle began; it happened in 3 stages, and I’m thankfully in my last one!

  1. My first pregnancy (BC) – I became aware of the chemical/pregnancy connection, and I tried to ‘go natural’….I lasted for a few months, but switched to presses and then texturizers because I got so tired of my then-fiancé’s family talking so bad about my hair and suggesting ‘solutions’ that do not even work on natural hair. Self esteem during this time: LOW
  2. 2nd pregnancy (BC) – I had given up the presses and texturizers, and exchanged them for wigs, weaves, and quick weaves. During this time, I was primarily focused on growth and then my edges were ripped out by my birthing braids and then by hair glue! Mama Mia was I frantic! Oil challenges that didn’t work and biotin that horribly aggravated my longstanding acne issues prevailed during this time. Self esteem: LOW
  3. Creamy Crack relapse – After two years, I tried a pixie cut that chopped all my hair off and I loved it! …for like 3 months. I loved my new look, but I couldn’t shake the vision I had for my hair; plus I didn’t like having to go back and spend so much time in the ‘beauty shop’ again. So I did another BC a few months later. Self esteem during this time: IMPROVING


During this last stage, I did so much research to figure out why my hair frustrated me so during the one before and became determined to make it work this time! Not only did my edges come back, but I found ways to make it so much more manageable and retain length!  I was so happy with my progress, I looked to clear up my skin too! I’m in my 2nd and final stage, and this journey overlaps with my the last and current stage of my hair journey and starts around the same time as my health journey:


  1. Surface – I discovered my large pores were awfully clogged, and I had to learn how to wash my face properly to address my cystic acne. I invested in a Clarisonic brush and used my Castile soap faithfully day and night to keep my face clean. I learned to keep new breakouts at bay by using my brush. At this stage, I’d wake up with a pimple if I skipped a nightly wash. Self esteem during this time: GETTING BETTER, and IMPROVED DRASTICALLY
  2. Within – I discovered my underlying causes recently as I switched my focus from merely losing weight to living a healthier lifestyle. I discovered toxins were coming out through my face and getting rid of them really keeps the acne away, not just under control. The oiliness is gone, and I’m able to really use more gentle facial products that really help my skin stay supple without over drying it. I’m sure that’s why I kept getting pimples if I skipped that nightly wash, because it doesn’t happen anymore! Self esteem now: ON FIYAH!!


I also decided to stop being Oprah and get the weight off for good. I actually invested in a trainer for about two months, who introduced me to the world of clean(er) eating. I got really fit, learned how to meal prep, and how to sculpt my body with weights. Yes, I paid attention to everything he said so I was able to carry on when my finances didn’t line up. (Don’t worry, I’ll get you back Devin!) Although I haven’t been able to go to the gym in a year due to a couple of injuries, I’ve been able to maintain my figure pretty well! I make sure I drink enough veggies, drink plenty of water, watch what I eat, and I’m on my supplement game instead of medicines! My hair and skin are thriving, I’m cleaning my insides, and working towards maintaining a clean slate because I only get one temple, and I’ve got little ones depending on me!

The past couple of years have been so eye-opening for me, and I’ve learned so much about myself that I’m still amazed! No matter where you are on your journey, I realize it may seem as if you’re on a lonely road to nowhere. But if you stay the course, the more plain your road will become! Keep going, keep researching, keep trying new things to know what doesn’t work! This is the way your body will tell you what DOES work! Who’s with me?!

I Know What It Looks Like…

…but it’s not plain water in that pot! I came across this Salt Water Flush recipe in one of my health groups and thought I’d try it! I’ve read the Master Cleanse and I’m actually interested in it but heard it’s pretty intense, so I figured this would be a good way to ease into that MAJOR cleanse.

I’ve discussed the difference between cleansing and detoxing, so I won’t go there again, but if you’ve read any of my other posts, I’m on the lookout for ways to clean my insides since I’ve found awesome ways to maintain! But my new goal is to maintain a clean slate…

So here goes, and I must say I drank this mixture not even an hour ago and it’s giving me a run for my money..literally!! I’ll spare you the gross details, but if you want to flush the shit (pun intended lol) out of your colon THIS IS IT!


WARNING: DO NOT LEAVE THE HOUSE! Follow these steps, and you will thank me when you’re done..and I used a lime instead of a lemon (made fresh guacamole yesterday so I had some leftover).

So here’s why and how it works:

The Salt Water Flush is a safe and easy ‘body hack’ that creates bowel movements on demand! So instead of harsh laxatives to make yourself ‘go’, use this safer alternative by making your body switch to elimination mode…it has to get rid of the salt quickly! As with any cleanse, it should be our goal to maintain a clear and healthy digestive tract with a good probiotic and plenty of fiber. These are the tasty ones you want!
I was in the middle of my flush when I first typed this, and I’m in love…why? Because it’s cheap, and FAST! I believe I took slightly longer than 5 minutes to drink it, although I didn’t delay either. Maybe 30 minutes in, I was going! It wasn’t painful or uncontrollable, but definitely urgent! It’s two hours later now, the urges to ‘go’ are gone, and I’ve happily gotten rid of waste that I’ve been carrying around for God-knows-how-long!

Has anyone else tried this? Where has this been all my life?

Push your body’s RESET button!

Do you feel sluggish? Are you having it out with acne? Tired of gastrointestinal issues like GERD, constipation, and/or acid reflux? Or even recurring yeast infections, diabetes, or blood sugar issues? I know I am, and have been knocking a few things off the list by simply changing my diet and starting a monthly cleanse! The vast majority of our sicknesses and diseases exist because we eat so poorly, so changing my eating habits have made my issues so much more manageable!

Today is the day I start working towards ELIMINATION! I’m a member of a few health groups on Facebook, and I keep seeing liver cleanses, chromium piccolinate, and healthy sleeping pills! I kept wondering why, until I actually researched why they work. As my prior research taught me why and how our bodies become so toxic, this round of research answered my questions of “how do stop managing and finally get rid of them” more in depth, and on a much more aggressive scale. So all this time, I’ve been ‘cleansing’, not detoxing! My additional findings:

  1. OUR LIVERS: They’re our bodies giant water filter. Everything goes through them, and the more toxic/unhealthy foods we eat, the more our livers are damaged by the accumulation of toxins. It’s important to cleanse our livers periodically so it can continue to keep up with filtering the toxins that we can’t escape! It’s a great idea to do a monthly cleanse that addresses the bacteria in our digestive system, but don’t forget your liver!
  2. I have high blood pressure clients who are addressing their diet to not only comply with doctor’s orders, but I’ve found that my DIABETIC clients also need chromium piccolinate to lower lasting blood sugar levels, lower insulin levels, and (for my Type 2 clients) help insulin work more efficiently. My diabetic clients that need to also lose weight use this proprietary blend that includes garcinia cambogia!
  3. Although it’s impossible to “catch up” on sleep because the time has already passed, it’s very true that sleep relieves sleepiness! In this society, SLEEP has become a commodity, so our bodies often miss the opportunity to repair and rejuvenate themselves! (Like our body is its own person. Ha.) But you get the idea! Lol…long story short, we need quality sleep!

So here I go with these new additions to my journey to completely reset my insides so I can continue my monthly maintenance cleanse and healthier eating habits! My palates have changed, I don’t crave as much sugar or artificial sweeteners because 1) I don’t eat them as often, and 2) I eat and/or drink my veggies everyday! Dear Lord, I’m SO looking forward to this new detox!!

Leave a comment if you’ve ever tried a cleanse and/or detox, or if you’re interested in joining me!

This may be TMI…

I’ve been sitting on this draft for a while, but somebody has to say something! Often viewed with the stigma of being the “nasty woman’s disease”, over 75% of women deal with yeast infections more than 4 times a year, and anywhere from 9-23% are affected by bacterial vaginosis (BV); which means these antibiotics the doctors prescribe are NOT the answer! I can surely attest, as I have dealt with BV  off and on for decades. I finally got rid of BV, then its cousin yeast took over and this last bout I had NOT been able to really shake for months, and antibiotics only seemed to make it more aggressive. So I decided to ditch the drugs and doctors and I’m proud to say I have not only been able to bring it to a manageable level by learning what my flare-up triggers are and how to minimize them, but I’ve discovered how to get rid of the pesky critters and restore my sanity! I’ve even tried a few herbs that really make an impact, and I’ve learned the underlying culprit firsthand through a month-long personal challenge last November.

Long story short, this is something nobody really talks about (other than online message boards and reviews for the products that I’m about to share with you) and it seems everybody suffers in silence, as I did for a long time. I’m taking the cloak of secrecy off and putting this info out there because the more information I found, the more I beat it! And y’all know I gotta pay it forward! Hope this info helps!


Recurring yeast infections are not vaginal issues. Candida (the official name) is a yeast that naturally lives in our intestines, mouths, and on our skin. It is kept in check by eating a balanced diet, however, most of us don’t practice that. With that being said, yeast proliferates, and expresses in our delicate lady parts. It also expresses in the form of acne, being sluggish, skin rashes, thrush, and can make you have intense sugar/bread/pasta cravings.

The crazy (non-medical) part, is that the -azole medicines do not address the gut issue, which is why the infections keep coming back. At this point, we’re dealing with a much bigger issue that requires lifestyle changes to rectify. Below, are my favorite remedies I found along my journey before I discovered how to stop “managing the situation” and start a more aggressive approach!

TOP 6 REMEDIES (so far!) for Recurring Yeast Infections:

  1. NO Sugar Diet! – Sugar is the culprit, it feeds yeast! I know, cutting sugar completely out of your diet is virtually impossible, but anything that breaks down to sugar like alcohol, breads, and pastas literally feed yeast. When I discovered this, I realized I literally CRAVED them! If this is you, you’re setting yourself up for a fungus takeover. I went on a strict no bread/no pasta/no soda/no sugary drinks regimen last November, cutting sugar wherever I could and eating more veggies than the ones I drank, and I must say I saw the silver lining! Alas, I do like to eat cake every once and a while so it wasn’t a regimen I could realistically continue. Plus, I lost 11 pounds just from cutting sugar that month! Like I tell all my weight loss clients; if you like bread and pasta, start cutting there!
  2. Pau D’Arco – My new favorite remedy!! I drink this as a tea, and I immediately feel it causing a stir in my stomach and it makes me burp, just like I do during my monthly cleanse! Will do an official review soon, but for now, buh-bye itch!
  3. Organic Apple Cider Vinegar – Drinking a shot of this (about 3 capfuls) mixed in water after meals really neutralizes whatever you ate (makes me burp too!), and it relieves stomach issues like nausea! I also douche with about a capful in the container of water twice daily…buh-bye itch! UPDATE: I don’t have to do this anymore!
  4. Peroxide – I douche with half water/half peroxide after my period to get rid of the alkaline residue…yes, pH is important too! UPDATE: Don’t have to do this either!
  5. Goldenseal & Echinacea – Both are powerful antifungals, and I do have a single bottle of Goldenseal and a blend of the two in another bottle. There are more herbs that are antifungals, but these two were the cheapest and easiest for me to find offline.
  6. Green Tea – It breaks down the biofilm yeast makes to protect itself, which is what makes them literally immune to prescribed antibiotics!

The aforementioned are AWESOME remedies to manage yeast, but I soon learned that a more aggressive approach is needed to kill it and get rid of it for good. My change in diet only kept it in check. This is WHAT YOU NEED to KILL THE MFs…excuse my language, but if you’re reading this, you understand lol…

  1. Candex – Full of enzymes that break down yeast’s protective cell wall so they DIE.
  2. Fiber & Probiotics – Constipation provides the perfect yeast breeding ground, fiber not only absorbs the yeast “die off” by keeping waste moving out! Probiotics restores the good bacteria in your gut, which yeast hate.

I’ve been feeling so much better the past couple of months, and I owe it all to these products! Diet is the underlying culprit, so it’s really important to make healthier (read:greener) food choices. If you’re like me and do like sweets and starches sometimes, it’s best to moderate how often you consume them and use this regimen along with regular maintenance like cleanses, plenty of veggies, and probiotics. Which ever one you choose, remember: IT’S NOT BECAUSE YOU’RE NASTY! Besides, men have them too! 🤔

Leave a comment to stand up with me! #NoMoreYeast


The Best Way to Keep Up!

…with your changing body is to take pictures! I understand that that may be the one you can’t stand to do, but I promise you it WORKS! When I had acne and no edges I took pictures faithfully to document my transition to better skin and hair..but I must admit, I wish I took more of my physical journey; but I didn’t because I hated the way I looked. 

But I made it, and here I am!

Back to the topic tho…it’s important to take pictures because the gradual changes are easy to miss when you look at yourself in the mirror everyday. Time lapse pictures tell a visual story about how things change over time, AND others  will always notice the changes before you do…unless you notice your clothes fit differently first. 

Progress pics not only work with weight loss but with practically everything else! They worked with my acne, 

…and they work with your hair too!

You just have to stay consistent and patient with the process..your change is coming, keep changing your habits and you will see the reward!

I’m going vegetarian!

Well kinda…since I’ve been on this journey to a better me, I’ve learned that my diet directly affects my body in more ways than one! My face stays clearer longer, my hair grows stronger and is thicker in thin areas AND stays moist longer, and I’ve learned I have belly BLOAT not belly FAT that controls a candida takeover I’ve been battling! (Yes there IS a difference, and yes candida can be exacerbated by your gut! More on that

I stumbled across The Master Cleanser (or the lemonade diet) a few weeks ago, and although I’m very interested in it to just clean everything out of my insides, I’ve decided to postpone it until a later date since it’s so intense…so until then, I’ve decided to eat mostly veggies! Not saying I’m going completely vegetarian or vegan since I love the occasional slice of cake, pasta, and bacon (lol)…so I’m limiting anything other than veggies and fish to once or twice a week! Let’s see how it goes!

Yesterday was Day 1, and it started with me drinking my green water (8 servings of fruits and veggies & 38 superfoods) with a few ounces of aloe Vera juice and lemon juice mixed in about 22 ounces of water. I started burping immediately as the trapped gas came up, and felt AND saw my belly deflate a bit as a result!

Me: 1, Body:0

Lunch: Tried my hand at some kale salad, and it was delish! I sautéed some broccoli slaw and chopped garlic & green onion in olive oil, added kale and the juice of 2 limes. Let the kale wilt a bit before I added dried cranberries to add a smidgen of sweetness before I removed the heat and topped with feta cheese. It was SO good, the whole bag of kale was gone before I knew it! Don’t worry, I had lots of help…I had two helpings. Made it home from my bf’s house to have the smoothest bm ever! Little did I know it would develop into a minor case of bubble guts. 😬

Dinner: The 2 helpings of spaghetti I had cleared the bubblies without adding gas and bloat! Maybe the second bottle of green water had something to do with that part lol 😜

Day 1 analysis: Success! Although I had some sweets (1 layer of a slice of Carmel cake after lunch and 2 lemon bites before dinner), I didn’t experience a spike in feminine itching as I normally do when I eat sweets! Think I’m on to something!

Yesterday was a great day, and I’m motivated to make it another one today!

Did you know your diet can heal your body? I’d heard it, but I’m finding out now!