Not your regular beauty supply…

Are you tired of being abused by your local beauty supply? You pop in for a few quick items, or even to just browse, and your shopping experience is littered with ‘friendly’ faces following you, pestering you to make your purchases, and making thinly veiled demands to hurry up and buy so you can leave? If you’ve never heard about this phenomenon, I dare you to Google ‘followed in the beauty supply’ and check out the results.

If this was your reaction, yes it happens all the time, even to me…that is, until I walked into Elise Beauty Supply. The nice, open space eliminates the need for following customers around, and gives it a wonderful boutique feeling. You can buy your virgin hair there, packaged hair, and regular beauty supply and barber products without the hassle of someone breathing down your neck. She’s made the experience more personal like in a department store, as she comes over to help make selections as needed, and have interesting conversations with whomever walks into her store.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Elise the other day to connect and understand her vision, and to share it with all of you!

What is your mission with Elise Beauty Supply?

EBS will be the premier beauty and barber shopping destination for all of Antioch CA and surrounding areas. I provide 100% virgin hair extensions, frontals and closures to local salons and individuals, packaged hair and wigs, barbering supplies for area shops and their clients, and hair care products that nurture my community’s hair.

How did you get into the beauty industry?

It started with my virgin hair business, and it has blossomed to help give my clients more access to take care of the hair they buy from me. I know how uncomfortable it is to be followed in the traditional Asian stores, and I’ve heard and seen customers curse the owners out for doing the same and worse; now I have a store to help me help others avoid that experience!

If you could share just a few things with aspiring businesswomen, what would they be?

  • Study, study,  study! I started preparing in 2010, and subscribed to my industry’s trade magazine in 2011 after it offered an English translation. Before then, it was only offered in Korean. Always be on the lookout for new trends, because target markets can change and when they do, their needs change. You have to be there to fill them, and that helps you stay innovative and adaptable to change.
  • Focus on solutions! If you try to drill a hole through an obstacle, you will waste precious time! I’ve found that if you focus on something else, you’ll either find a better way to do what you were trying to do, or that you didn’t need that avenue at all!
  • Read these 3 books! The Bible is full of business tips; my favorite one is about the ‘man with the talents’ (Matt 25:14-30) as it always keeps me in check! Follow this up with Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and Cash Flow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki and they will change your life!

This is just a snippet from our interview, I couldn’t include everything! Elise is really a beautiful soul, and really has a heart for the people she helps! We’re in the same industry, and it really is a beautiful feeling to connect with like-minded folks. As a business woman, I absolutely love picking the brains of other successful businesswomen! My daughter accompanied me on this interview, and I’m so proud to be able to show her that she can be successful in life too! Chase dreams instead of money, and the money will come! 

Here’s her link to get your Virgin Hair ladies, and be sure to connect with her and her store on Facebook!


Update! Hope My Journeys Help Yours!

I have to admit, I’ve come a long way! I had no idea my physical life would change so much, and it all started with me being tired of leaving my hair in someone else’s hands! To be honest, my journey to a healthier lifestyle began with my desire to produce my own head of full, healthy hair! I had issues with fluctuating weight and acne, but my hair was the bane of my existence. You see, I had worked as an assistant of an upscale hair salon and was able to help others with their chemically straightened hair, yet I didn’t want to deal with the expensive drama of getting mine done any longer. I could also appreciate the craft and science behind the chemicals so I didn’t want  to over process my hair, so I was in quite a pickle.


So my natural hair struggle began; it happened in 3 stages, and I’m thankfully in my last one!

  1. My first pregnancy (BC) – I became aware of the chemical/pregnancy connection, and I tried to ‘go natural’….I lasted for a few months, but switched to presses and then texturizers because I got so tired of my then-fiancé’s family talking so bad about my hair and suggesting ‘solutions’ that do not even work on natural hair. Self esteem during this time: LOW
  2. 2nd pregnancy (BC) – I had given up the presses and texturizers, and exchanged them for wigs, weaves, and quick weaves. During this time, I was primarily focused on growth and then my edges were ripped out by my birthing braids and then by hair glue! Mama Mia was I frantic! Oil challenges that didn’t work and biotin that horribly aggravated my longstanding acne issues prevailed during this time. Self esteem: LOW
  3. Creamy Crack relapse – After two years, I tried a pixie cut that chopped all my hair off and I loved it! …for like 3 months. I loved my new look, but I couldn’t shake the vision I had for my hair; plus I didn’t like having to go back and spend so much time in the ‘beauty shop’ again. So I did another BC a few months later. Self esteem during this time: IMPROVING


During this last stage, I did so much research to figure out why my hair frustrated me so during the one before and became determined to make it work this time! Not only did my edges come back, but I found ways to make it so much more manageable and retain length!  I was so happy with my progress, I looked to clear up my skin too! I’m in my 2nd and final stage, and this journey overlaps with my the last and current stage of my hair journey and starts around the same time as my health journey:


  1. Surface – I discovered my large pores were awfully clogged, and I had to learn how to wash my face properly to address my cystic acne. I invested in a Clarisonic brush and used my Castile soap faithfully day and night to keep my face clean. I learned to keep new breakouts at bay by using my brush. At this stage, I’d wake up with a pimple if I skipped a nightly wash. Self esteem during this time: GETTING BETTER, and IMPROVED DRASTICALLY
  2. Within – I discovered my underlying causes recently as I switched my focus from merely losing weight to living a healthier lifestyle. I discovered toxins were coming out through my face and getting rid of them really keeps the acne away, not just under control. The oiliness is gone, and I’m able to really use more gentle facial products that really help my skin stay supple without over drying it. I’m sure that’s why I kept getting pimples if I skipped that nightly wash, because it doesn’t happen anymore! Self esteem now: ON FIYAH!!


I also decided to stop being Oprah and get the weight off for good. I actually invested in a trainer for about two months, who introduced me to the world of clean(er) eating. I got really fit, learned how to meal prep, and how to sculpt my body with weights. Yes, I paid attention to everything he said so I was able to carry on when my finances didn’t line up. (Don’t worry, I’ll get you back Devin!) Although I haven’t been able to go to the gym in a year due to a couple of injuries, I’ve been able to maintain my figure pretty well! I make sure I drink enough veggies, drink plenty of water, watch what I eat, and I’m on my supplement game instead of medicines! My hair and skin are thriving, I’m cleaning my insides, and working towards maintaining a clean slate because I only get one temple, and I’ve got little ones depending on me!

The past couple of years have been so eye-opening for me, and I’ve learned so much about myself that I’m still amazed! No matter where you are on your journey, I realize it may seem as if you’re on a lonely road to nowhere. But if you stay the course, the more plain your road will become! Keep going, keep researching, keep trying new things to know what doesn’t work! This is the way your body will tell you what DOES work! Who’s with me?!

Everyone’s a beginner at some point…

…so don’t be scurred of doing something new! To further illustrate my point, think of the best of the best at anything-Oprah, Michael Jordan, Beyoncé, Bill Gates, etc. They knew absolutely nothing about their respective fields before they started, and most of them had really rocky starts before their big breaks occurred. Even Dr. Phil was peddling his wares on Oprah before he landed his own platform! (Am I the only one who remembers that? Lol)

I can go on…Suze Orman was a waitress until she was 30, Steve Jobs was fired from the company he created before he returned as its CEO, and the list continues. I believe it would be safe to say every one of these examples (and more) used this time to perfect their crafts. They didn’t know all the details, or have all the connections that would accompany their success. They all had visions, and they all took leaps of faith to reach them. Now they get to live the lives of their wildest dreams because they didn’t give up.

They didn’t give excuses when times got hard. They didn’t say, “I don’t know how to do that”…they found/learned a way. I saw a quote somewhere that entrepreneurs are folks that jump off a cliff and build a plane on the way down. And I believe that with my whole heart. I’m learning so much on this journey, I’m a much better person because of it.



3 Ways to Make Your Passion Your Paycheck!

This cliche is something we hear all the time, but no one really tells us how to go about doing it! We see people doing it, seemingly living the dream life while the rest of us slave away at our boring lives, living for the next paycheck.

Well I’m here to tell you that those people aren’t part of a predetermined select few that ‘get’ to live out their wildest dreams! You can do it too, and here are 3 simple and thought-provoking questions to ask yourself to get you closer to the life you know you’ve always deserved.

  1. What, if anything, I do for FREE often? Some folks would call it a hobby, but for this exercise it would be anything that you’d do for free and LOVE doing it. Is there something that folks always ask you to help them with, and you drop everything to run to their rescue? Opportunity to MONETIZE.
  2. What do I do that others LOVE to do? This can also be a hobby, but is more geared towards something you can do or provide. Do you like shopping and/or experimenting with different looks? You can be a personal shopper or stylist. And as we all know, folks will pay for CONVENIENCE! Opportunity to MONETIZE.
  3. What was my childhood dream? Now this question is probably the most important, as the childish reasons you had were the most pure. When I was a child, I told my mother I wanted to be a beautician because even at that age, I saw how ladies left the beauty shop after getting their hair done. There was a magical change in their demeanor, and I wanted to help provide that bit of sunshine too! As adults, we’ve gotten away from really pursuing our ‘childish’ dreams for the ‘security’ of a J.O.B. If this dream is related to your answer to question #1, you’re in jackpot territory! Find a way to MONETIZE!

Now if your childhood dream is not related to question #1, don’t fear! This just means you need a VEHICLE to get you there, something to add an income stream to fund it! Find a network marketing company that will offer you a way to channel your answers to questions 1 AND/OR 3 to build that extra money to live out your wildest, most ‘childish’ dreams!

When you’re done self searching, watch this to learn 3 easy steps to put all of this into ACTION! Happy hunting!

So you wanna be an entrepreneur…

You’re growing tired of the commuter crawl, and your 9 to 5 has become something you merely show up to so you “don’t get fired”. Or maybe you have a growing need or want to be more free to spend time with your family, and are almost fed up with having to request time off or haggle with a vacation board in order to do those things. Or maybe you’re tired of living paycheck to paycheck and would just like a little extra money to cover a few bills each month to take some of the pressure off.

Whatever your reason is, the solution for them all is the same: Increase your income to match your goals, not the other way around! They’re not going away, so you decide to roll up your sleeves and become an entrepreneur….do you know what kind of entrepreneur you want to be, or even where to start? Here are 3 things to get you going, because you have to do a bit of soul-searching to determine if this is the road you really want to pursue.

3 Things to Consider: The differences between being

Self-Employed (owning a J.O.B.):

  • When you’re self-employed, you’re still limited by time and the number of products or services you can provide within that timeframe. Let’s say you have a crocheting business and you’re able to knit 4 baby beanies in a day, and you charge $20 each in your etsy store. Your daily production is $80/day, which is $10/hr for an 8 hour workday. Depending where you live, you can get a regular J.O.B. for more than that!
  • You also own your own J.O.B., which means YOU now have to take care of the tasks that you didn’t have to worry about as an employee. You now wear your own legal, payroll, HR, admin, etc. hats until you can build to a point where you can outsource those departments.  Sometimes the operating tasks are so many to where you can get totally sidetracked from your main business.
  • If you are a freelancer, let’s say like a musician or a makeup artist (like me!), you’re limited by the number of gigs you book. Unless you’re traveling non stop, you won’t get paid non stop! This may be an ideal situation for someone young and starting out, but what happens when you start thinking about having a family? Will you want to travel as much? What will you do about that missed income?


Business System Owner (owning a business system):

  • Lower startup costs: Most folks can’t buy a franchise, so it’s much more attainable to buy into a network marketing model. Either way you’re still coming out cheaper than developing your own product from scratch (imagine going on Shark Tank). Instead of doing that, you can buy into a proven business model that someone else invented to create your own wealth and lasting legacy.
  • Virtually limitless: You shift your personal economy from depending on one source of income (with limits), to one where you leverage the efforts of many. You build a team and literally make money without talking to everyone they talk to. The same goes for them, and everyone works together to achieve more!

Investor: Most folks don’t start here, but end up here after they’ve either gone through either (or both) of the steps aforementioned. This is where your money literally makes money for you with ZERO effort of your own thanks to compound interest and/or the stock market, all because you get to invest in other people’s ideas and they do all the work! The big leagues for sure, this is where true wealth and legacy reside.

This first reason (which is the most important) addresses the main types of entrepreneurial mindsets. To save brain space, catch the other 2 reasons in this quick video! And after you watch it, let me know what you think!