Lush Cosmetics Made My Day!

And it can make yours, too! A Facebook friend raved about this store a while back, and with chagrin I told her I hadn’t heard of it and it wasn’t in my area. Lo and behold, it is now and I finally got to experience it! I walked in with my two children and you would’ve thought they were in an Exploratorium of sorts, and not just me! There was so much to see, smell, and try, and the associates are very knowledgeable. One even took the time to show my very-hands-on-and-enthusiastic 6-year-old around the nearby products as I moved around and asked my associate millions of questions!

Here’s what I think of Lush, and why you need to experience it too! Tiffany, this one’s for you!

If you haven’t heard of Lush Cosmetics, it’s an all natural cosmetics company based in England that has also gotten into hair care products–makes sense right? Of course I was drawn to the shampoos and conditioners, and when I saw this Kinky hot oil treatment I HAD to try it! I also grabbed the Blousey and Montalbano shampoos, which are a moisturizing shampoo and a deep-cleansing lemon bar, respectively. Since I wear makeup often I decided to give Cosmetic Warrior fresh face a try, my daughter wanted to try the Rosy Cheeks fresh face mask, and my son was so excited over the blue shower jelly (Woosh) so I obliged them both as well lol. Lush has all natural bath bombs, makeup, shower gels, henna, and more!

But they’re more than your typical cosmetics company. They do not believe in animal testing at all so they don’t partner with or buy from any company that tests on animals, and actually have a hair lab and spa in England where you can get treatments and give your feedback in a professional setting. It’s SO on my bucket list to go Poole, England! The oh-so-helpful associates included a catalog in my bag, and there are literally so many products that I want to try it’s ridiculous! But I’ll start with these for now, watch this quick video to see how they changed my hair!

Disclaimer: My products were not sponsored, I paid for them with my own money.

Have you tried Lush Cosmetics yet? Where all my Lushies at?! Did I just make that up? Lol..

What’s My Hair Type??!

Is a question most new naturals ask us old head naturals…it’s a natural texture system that ranges from 1 (bone straight) to 4 (kinky) that refers to the owner’s curl pattern, or how tightly coiled/curled their hair’s natural texture is and has benchmarks between each number. Although you do get a certain kind of esteem from knowing your hair type(s), I learned very quickly that the knowledge is to be used for a different purpose than I had naively intended.

Now that I try to think, I don’t really remember why I initially wanted to know what my hair type is…honestly it seemed like the thing I needed to know since I saw so much talk about it.

Knowing your approximate hair type is handy though. When you settle on the ballpark of your hair type, it sort of narrows the type of information you’ll spend time on reading. There’s SO much information out there; from product reviews to snippets of helpful info, it gets really hard to weed out the info YOU’RE meant to digest REAL QUICK. Knowing where your hair falls on the scale and how it behaves makes weeding out pertinent info a bit easier.

Familiarity with the typing chart also helps when you watch product reviews. Seeing a review on a similar hair type as yours saves precious time, unless you’re just curious about the product. I’ve found myself absent mindedly watching these hot brush straighteners just to see the result, knowing they will most likely never work on Miss Deva. The way Type 3-4 beauties straighten hair is NOWHERE near the way Type 1-2 ladies do. Our process is just…different. They’d have to give me one to try it because I haven’t been impressed with what I’ve seen so far lol.

In short, think of it like this: knowing your hair type is NOT like reaching the light at the end of a tunnel; it’s more like finding the key that opens the door to your very own secret tunnel that leads to happy and healthy hair! This, my friends is the real reason to know your hair type!

Here are just a few of the many charts out there, some are more helpful than others depending on the models they feature. If you don’t know why your hair isn’t behaving the way you’d like and you’re tired of spending countless hours watching random product reviews, narrow it down by getting to know your hair a little bit! 

And if you need a lil help, I’m here for you 🙂


My Go-To Hair Products

Tired of dealing with DRY, FRIZZY coils? These products saved Miss Deva’s life, and they’re a good place to start for you too! I’m a recoverED product junkie because I discovered Miss Deva was really dying of thirst. If it weren’t for Curlbox, I’m sure she wouldn’t be where she is now. I got to try a box full of new products every month, and before I knew it, I ran out of dedicated hair product space in my bathroom cabinet. Which is when I realized something had to give. I started paying attention to how Miss Deva behaved to my shipments, and I tried similar mainstream products (after using up the ones that worked, of course lol) to save my coins.

I want to SAVE you the initial trouble I had! These are what I absolutely CANNOT be caught without, and these are literally the ONLY products I use now!

  1. ORS Aloe Vera Shampoo – available in BSS and Walmart (I think lol)
  2. Aussie Moist Conditioner – not on the ‘ethnic hair’ aisle, but its AMAZING!
  3. Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle – SAA, super slick ‘slip
  4. Aloe Vera Juice – available at Walmart in the Pharmacy section, or vitamin/health food store
  5. Dark N Lovely (Au Naturale) Slick Slip Leave-In Conditioner – same consistency as Kinky Curly Knot Today, AND about $4 cheaper!
  6. Grapeseed Oil – Grocery store, in the cooking oil section!
  7. Dark N Lovely (Au Naturale) Coil Moisturizing Soufflé – just the right consistency to absorb into my hair, not just sit on top
  8. Hair Skin Nails vitamins by It Works! – crazy hair growth, they even worked on my bald edges and help keep my skin clear!
  9. Bobby Pins – I know they’re not a ‘product’, but I honestly can’t leave home without them! They fix EVERY bad hair do, from the wind blown to the unexpected swollen hair day! The clear case is pretty convenient too!

Its been quite a journey this time around, but I’ve settled on some great products that really make Miss Deva dance! Maybe one day I’ll get into doing product reviews, but honestly, I’m not trying to fix something that’s not broken! I’d really rather help you find what works for your hair issues instead! So if you’re tired of DRYNESS, here’s a great place to start!

Have you tried any of these products? Leave a comment!

Get Growth & Retention!

Introducing…my fave vitamins! For many naturals, length is the ultimate prize! Oil challenges and hair vitamins are on many naturalistas’ lists of things to try, and trust me, I’ve tried them on my edges and nothing worked until I found these about 2 years ago. Folks will say what they will about hair vitamins, but honestly healthy hair mostly comes from what you put in your body, not from what you put on your hair. And if your diet lacks hair-friendly nutrients, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with using them for a boost! Besides, they grew my edges back, and my regimen ensures I keep all the length I get from them! Take a look at how they changed my journey this time versus my last BC!

So here’s how they work!

It is no secret that Biotin is awesome for hair growth, but it alone does not promote healthy hair. It also needs:

  1. MSN: lengthens the hair cycle so it reduces shedding and breakage
  2. Vitamins C & B6: powerful antioxidants that stop cell damage, and vitamin C helps produce collagen
  3. Vitamin E: moisturizes thirsty strands
  4. Omega-3: essential fatty acids that nourish your follicles for shinier hair that grows faster, relieves dry skin, AND strengthens brittle nails!
  5. Iron: supplies follicles with nutrient-rich blood; too little iron disrupts this supply and causes hair loss (Are you anemic?)

But My Stylist Already Takes Great Care of My Hair!

This information is in no way intended to replace your current regimen! These vitamins and nutrients will in fact make your hair more healthy from the inside out, which will result in shinier, more voluminous, more manageable hair! Your stylist will marvel at how your hair’s condition improves, and you will soon have more hair options! Take care of your hair while its under the weave, don’t depend on it!

Does It Matter If My Hair Is…?

Chemically altered? No. Natural? No. Type 1? No. Type 4C? NO!!! Although your hair’s texture will define your regimen, hair needs the same vitamins and nutrients to thrive regardless of the texture!

How Can You Help Me?

Our aptly named vitamins are perfectly balanced to nourish your Hair Skin (and) Nails; NO side effects like acne, which is usually associated with biotin because it’s perfectly balanced with numbers 1-3 above! Be on the lookout for thicker eyelashes and eyebrows too!

Our Omega-3 vitamins also help improve: healthy cholesterol levels, healthy joint movement and the body’s response to minor inflammation, and healthy cell growth!

Get your daily dose of dark, leafy greens to fortify your iron stores with our Greens! Also helps with: weight loss by detoxing and balancing your system, anemia, high blood pressure, acid reflux/ulcers, gout, fluid retention, natural energy, immunity boosting, and more!

In just a few short months from now, it’ll be my 3rd naturalversary! Well it’s almost been 3  years since the last time I BC’d. I happened to see this old photo of my hair the day I relapsed to the ‘creamy crack’ after 2 years of being natural, and then another one of Miss Deva just a few months ago and I must say I was blown away by the health and length difference!

My 1st full blown attempt at this natural journey (meaning I had BC’d) was plagued by dryness, frizziness, and plain old amateurism (is that a word?). I had no clue what I was doing, but I knew I wanted to wear MY hair in its natural state. I had really bad acne at the time too, which added stress fuel to the fire. I experimented with wigs and quick weaves (which ripped my edges out), but I became frustrated with the issues and got it chopped off for a cute short (and relaxed) haircut!

But I digress…this time around, Miss Deva earned her name! I’ve learned so much about her and figured out how to make her dance! Dance? Yes, she just doesn’t grow she thrives and grows like a weed now! I’ve found the perfect products to take care of her from the outside and the perfect vitamins to set the perfect environment from the inside! AND they GREW MY EDGES BACK!! 😃 Ya gotta get some!

Quickweaves had snatched my edges, anybody else have a transitioning horror story? Leave a comment!


So I Blow Dry Now! 

I know I’ve been sans heat for years now, but now that Miss Deva has gotten a bit longer I need a little help in the maintenance department. Not that she’s totally unmanageable without heat, but she’s a lot happier (read: less prone to tangles) and easier to style when she’s stretched. Here’s how the decision came to pass:

I’m in Sally’s, getting some rollers for my daughter’s hair. Nothing for me right? Wrong..well it began as something to use for the both of us, but now it’s more like my dryer that I happen to use on her hair too 😆.

I stood there looking at the wall of dryers for at least 20 minutes, doing a quick google of the different kinds before settling on this one:

It’s an ionic one, and I chose it because its main draw is that it dries in less time than a conventional heat dryer. I can dry my hair in less time, with less heat. Perfect, because I’m not concerned with getting my hair bone straight! The fact this dryer has interchangeable attachments is a MAJOR plus, and I’ve always wanted to try a diffuser lol.

VERDICT: 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽!! No heat damage, even when used every 3 weeks!

P.S. This is the website that really helped me decide on my dryer!

How do you feel about using a little bit of heat to stretch your hair? Leave a comment!

Stretching this hair…vol. I

…is something I’ve got to master, especially since fall is just around the corner! I’ve been checking out some oh so haute styles by @tjluvsbnnatural and I can’t wait to put my spin on them…but I need this hair to be in a state to cooperate (that rhymed lol). So here goes!

Here’s my hair before, and I had started before I remembered to take a picture…see how my wash and go shrinks so?

Here are the products I’m using (Dark n Lovely Au Naturale Coil Moisturizing Souffle and my current leave in mix….after I apply the cream, I brush the section through with my trusty Denman before two strand twisting all over. I’ve tried the other anti shrinkage gel on wet hair and I like it so I thought I’d give this one a try on dry hair. It has a nice creamy consistency and it’s not heavy at all. Nice absorption into my hair.

 I pull the twists into a ponytail, bobby pin the ones on top that don’t quite reach, and then band the ponytail. As you can hopefully see, I also pinned the two braids at my nape, because I didn’t want them to dry in that awkward position; up then down.

I don’t use heat otherwise, but I had my daughter blowdry my hair a little to get the stretch started. The next day…

Removed the headband I used to band my ponytail and the bobby pins. I prefer the bobby pin method, since the headband destroyed the integrity of my twists in the back..

 But most of them turned out pretty darn good! Nice and elongated.

 As I started to take them down, I discovered the twists in the back weren’t quite dry. So I twisted them all back up, and used the bobby pin method! Can’t wait to see…

 OMG I’m in love! It wasn’t as stretched as I had imagined, but my strands were definitely softer, straighter, and the twists were easier to separate and fluff! Maybe I need to do this more often, like everytime I twist my hair…but this is what I got, just in time for my cousin’s birthday party!

The right side is before the party, and the left is during and shrunk some lol..

My makeup was on point too, I feel a post coming!

Just because it’s a so-called “black” product…


….doesn’t mean it’s the only product that’ll work. In fact, my favorite conditioner is Aussie Moist, which is NOT found in Target’s newly expanded “ethnic” aisle. Or any ethnic aisle, for that matter. I’ve been adding “roo to my do” ever since I took the advice of a cowash article I read a while back. It’s thick and creamy, and it allows me to literally finger detangle my tresses with minimal breakage. That’s some slip yall. Here’s more:

  1. It has EDTA, which is a cleansing agent. Don’t make me say the whole chemical name tho (lol), but it’s less harsh on our strands as those sulfites found in regular shampoos.
  2. My coils “clump” better after I cowash with it. They’re so defined, they really pop!
  3. Did I say I don’t need to comb it through?
  4. My coils stay elongated longer. Less shrinkage!
  5. It’s cheap! The regular sized bottle hovers around…

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My Current Leave-in Mix


I’ve been a fan of KimmayTube’s DIY leave in mix for some time, simply because I love the changes I’ve seen in my hair. She clearly did her research, and now she’s got her own line! Kudos! But hey….she’s where I learned the benefits of aloe Vera juice, and I must say I’ll never depart from it! The reason her mix fares so well is the chemistry that backs it up: pH.

Sebum (the natural hair oil designed to protect our strands) has a natural pH between 4.5 and 5.5. And since it’s harder for it to travel down more curly hair types, these types are naturally unprotected and naturally dry. Aloe Vera’s pH falls within that range, so adding it to your routine promotes a healthy scalp and reduces breakage…thus healthy hair will grow from it!

Now maybe that was a major over simplification, but in a nutshell that’s…

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