They say imitation is the best form of flattery…I remember watching this girl (@thechicnatural) when I had less hair than I needed to try her styles, and now that I’ve got a lil hair it’s time to dive right in!


Here’s how I achieved my first rendition!


  1. This is what I had to work with…stretched hair with a little shrinkage, and I ended up combing it again (I don’t use combs lol) to make it easy to braid. Like last time, it wasn’t hard to comb!
  2. Then I made three sections, and
  3. Braided the back in two French braids, and pinned the ends.
  4. Then I braided the top in Ms. Celine style braids, making the sections about an inch wide and randomly shaped. Didn’t get a pic of the braids, (they weren’t fluffy since they were so long, and I immediately switched to ‘how can I save this’ lol) but here’s what they looked like after I decided to twist them and let them set overnight.


The next morning, I untwisted the braids and took them down. I like them down, but all that hair in my face would eternally irk me so I pinned it up in my rockstar way! This style will keep my hands out of my hair for a while, so I’m happy with how it turned out! I’m sure it’ll be different the next time I try it! Thanks @thenaturalchic for the inspiration!


How did you save a hairstyle that wasn’t turning out like you wanted? Leave a comment!

Haute or Not?

So I got this photo off the internet…can’t remember if it was Pinterest or IG or Google lol…but it was saved as a style I wanted to try so I thought I’d give it a shot…

Seems simple enough, then I realized my mission was a bit different: I want to bring this picture to life for y’all. So here goes my interpretation…

1. I started with shrunken (but stretched) hair

2. I sectioned off the top and right side of my hair since I wanted my part on the left

 3. So it begins! I started flat twisting the sections toward my face to create the ‘bang’ part…make sure the sections are thick so you don’t end up with skinny twists! Note: the twists will expand too lol

4. Twist about 4 plaits for the ‘bang’ part, and continue flat twisting sections around the rest of your head.

 5. So I finished twisting and rolled the ends under and towards my right side to meet the ends from my ‘bang’ and tucked and pinned them under each other.

Here’s the finished look, how’d I do? Did I bring the picture to life y’all?

P.S. Marley extensions would be PERFECT  for this style!

Is this a style you’d like to try? Leave a comment!

About yesterday…

….it was the day after the infamous “wash day”; during which I prepooed, washed (more info on this process next week), blow dried, and braided Miss Deva into about 9 plaits…and I decided to try my hand at some braided Bantu knots on dry hair…

It wasn’t particularly hard to sleep with them, as I got quite used to sleeping “pretty” back in my relaxed days…you know, so I wouldn’t disturb my hairdo lol

So I unraveled them to find this..

….and I wasn’t impressed lol….but I pressed on to find this…

…still wasn’t what I had in mind, but I actually liked it for when Miss Deva gets a lil longer! I tried to brainstorm ways to salvage the look, until I heard a small chance of rain in the forecast. It’s been rainy off and on, so I decided to put my freshly blow dried hair up…but how tho?

I started two loose 2-strand twists to frame my face and pulled them back with Bobby pins…I thought better of leaving the back out because of the rain, so I pulled it up and tucked the ends up and over the pins, securing them with a hair comb; like a reverse French roll…

I must say I’m pleased with the outcome!!  Not what I had in mind, but exactly what I needed, and my hooded coat kept the rain  from shriveling up my stretched hair! It was a good hair day, Rain 0: Me, 1!

When did you have to completely redo your look since your intentions didn’t really pan out? Leave a comment!

The many faces of twisting…

I was browsing through my phone pics and I noticed all my summer styles have come from some form of a twist! Whether it’s flat, mini, or two strand, these babies are giving me life right now!

Why? I’m glad you asked! It’s just faster for me to twist. Don’t get me wrong, I know how to braid (I have a daughter lol), but overall I’ve noticed it’s faster and easier on my joints to deal with two strands instead of three…

Now that I have all these results, I noticed how different they turned out based on how I styled them. Which brings me to an observation: styling on wet vs. dry hair has different outcomes.

Style your hair wet if you:

  • Want more curl definition
  • Are okay with a little more shrinkage

Style your hair dry if you want:

  • Big, fluffy hair
  • Stretched tresses

Of all the styles so far, I must say my favorite is the dry stretched two strand twist. Guess I just love big hair! I also noticed that styling on wet hair leaves my hair dark and shiny while dry styling leaves my hair well, drier looking. But I love the way I feel like a lioness when I wear it! 

Which method do you prefer for your hair?

How long will it take?

…for Miss Deva to be as long and big as my first crochet install? Length, to us naturals, can be a really easy thing to get caught up in! It’ll make us ignore raggedy ends and fry our hair to smithereens, just so we can revel in the proximity to our next hair goal! 

Yet in this post I digress, as today’s stretched twist out reminded me of a style I had last year. It was the first one that inspired my ‘devatude’ and I rocked it! I got tons of compliments on it, including “Oh it looks so natural on you!” I loved it! And I love the way my hair is becoming what I envisioned after that hairstyle. 

So….I wonder how much longer til life imitates art? Idk, but I can’t wait!

So the object of this post is to say, it may take some time, but be patient and trust that your ‘future’ hair is coming! Give her love by finding out what makes her thrive, and she’ll come through! Create the vision, water it, and watch it come to pass!

How do you see your future hair?

Stretching this hair…vol. I

…is something I’ve got to master, especially since fall is just around the corner! I’ve been checking out some oh so haute styles by @tjluvsbnnatural and I can’t wait to put my spin on them…but I need this hair to be in a state to cooperate (that rhymed lol). So here goes!

Here’s my hair before, and I had started before I remembered to take a picture…see how my wash and go shrinks so?

Here are the products I’m using (Dark n Lovely Au Naturale Coil Moisturizing Souffle and my current leave in mix….after I apply the cream, I brush the section through with my trusty Denman before two strand twisting all over. I’ve tried the other anti shrinkage gel on wet hair and I like it so I thought I’d give this one a try on dry hair. It has a nice creamy consistency and it’s not heavy at all. Nice absorption into my hair.

 I pull the twists into a ponytail, bobby pin the ones on top that don’t quite reach, and then band the ponytail. As you can hopefully see, I also pinned the two braids at my nape, because I didn’t want them to dry in that awkward position; up then down.

I don’t use heat otherwise, but I had my daughter blowdry my hair a little to get the stretch started. The next day…

Removed the headband I used to band my ponytail and the bobby pins. I prefer the bobby pin method, since the headband destroyed the integrity of my twists in the back..

 But most of them turned out pretty darn good! Nice and elongated.

 As I started to take them down, I discovered the twists in the back weren’t quite dry. So I twisted them all back up, and used the bobby pin method! Can’t wait to see…

 OMG I’m in love! It wasn’t as stretched as I had imagined, but my strands were definitely softer, straighter, and the twists were easier to separate and fluff! Maybe I need to do this more often, like everytime I twist my hair…but this is what I got, just in time for my cousin’s birthday party!

The right side is before the party, and the left is during and shrunk some lol..

My makeup was on point too, I feel a post coming!