I’m a freelancer now!

I haven’t been sharing this with anyone, but I’ve been building my makeup kit since last summer…professional brushes,  foundation colors, eye shadows, lipsticks, etc. Everytime I popped into my favorite M.A.C. store, I bought stuff not only for me but for my future clients and got a few tips from my fave MAC girl.

And it all paid off this past Saturday! I had the pleasure of doing my business partner’s makeup for her senior prom! Yes you heard that right, she owns her own health, beauty, and wellness business with me at 18! Anyhoo, back to the story lol…

I worked closely with her mom to know what her look was going to be, and was immediately inspired by Aphrodite! She wasn’t going glam, for her dress was long and ombré and flowy and she wasn’t wearing heels but jeweled sandals…I envisioned her coming out of the sea and slipping on her sandals. I used majority MAC products of course, but she had gotten matched at Sephora for her Makeup Forever foundation and I fell in love with this palette for her dress so I scooped it up! I used the teal ones on the left and the middle one on the bottom for her look, along with a highlight color (Virgin) from my Urban Decay Naked palette.

We were on a serious time crunch so I didn’t get to document her transformation, but I was so moved by how everything turned out! Her initial reaction was priceless! She looked so beautiful, tears fell from my face after we dropped her off. I could hardly believe I did that! Here’s another peep at her final look!

I have now monetized a hobby of mine, playing in makeup lol…and I get to continue to add sunshine to the world!