I’m a freelancer now!

I haven’t been sharing this with anyone, but I’ve been building my makeup kit since last summer…professional brushes,  foundation colors, eye shadows, lipsticks, etc. Everytime I popped into my favorite M.A.C. store, I bought stuff not only for me but for my future clients and got a few tips from my fave MAC girl.

And it all paid off this past Saturday! I had the pleasure of doing my business partner’s makeup for her senior prom! Yes you heard that right, she owns her own health, beauty, and wellness business with me at 18! Anyhoo, back to the story lol…

I worked closely with her mom to know what her look was going to be, and was immediately inspired by Aphrodite! She wasn’t going glam, for her dress was long and ombré and flowy and she wasn’t wearing heels but jeweled sandals…I envisioned her coming out of the sea and slipping on her sandals. I used majority MAC products of course, but she had gotten matched at Sephora for her Makeup Forever foundation and I fell in love with this palette for her dress so I scooped it up! I used the teal ones on the left and the middle one on the bottom for her look, along with a highlight color (Virgin) from my Urban Decay Naked palette.

We were on a serious time crunch so I didn’t get to document her transformation, but I was so moved by how everything turned out! Her initial reaction was priceless! She looked so beautiful, tears fell from my face after we dropped her off. I could hardly believe I did that! Here’s another peep at her final look!

I have now monetized a hobby of mine, playing in makeup lol…and I get to continue to add sunshine to the world!

New lipstick…

…used to be a hassle for me, because of my pink lips. Pretty in the package, but nothing ever looked good on. And who has the time to take it back? I certainly didn’t. That is, until I discovered the MAC counter at my then-job. I loved how you can try anything on before you bought it!

That was about a decade ago…and even until now I had never successfully tried a dark lip. Since my lips are so pink, everything I did try just looked like I smeared dirt all over them, so I just stayed away from the darker colors.

But all that has ended! Ever since my girl @garchimede hooked me up with one, I think I’m in love with dark colors! Now that I’ve gotten over that hump, my fall collection has grown to FIVE! I seriously love trying on colors before I buy them. Not only have I embraced the dark lip, I have fun trying new colors! Here’s me and my new boo Matte Royal!

I’m so glad I broke out of that shell!

Colors shown, from left to right:

Rebel, Antique Velvet (my first!), Photo, Sin, Power My Spirit (limited); all M.A.C. Cosmetics 

How to have the same makeup bag…

…with different looks! I prefer to use M.A.C. Cosmetics and Urban Decay, but I’m a #BallerOnABudget of sorts lol so the cost is definitely not lost on me! I don’t have everything I want (yet!), so that means I have staple items that are always in rotation as I build my collection. So here’s how I afford what I want!

  1. Don’t throw out your old stuff yet! Use them til they run out, and/or determine what staple items you can replace to start your ‘good stash’ and use your drugstore stuff for daily wear til it runs out. (I still use drugstore eyeliner and mascara daily cuz I want my M.A.C. ones to last longer! Lol)
  2. Get staple items first! Things like your foundation, eyeliner, mascara, etc., will be used frequently and under/with everything so you definitely want to start there.
  3. Build a collection. Along those lines, you’d also want to start building your staple eyeshadow/lip color/lip liner colors, and it’s good to start with interchangeable colors. For example, two eye looks with one lippie, or a couple eye looks just by changing one color. It sounds technical at first, but your creativity will surprise you!
  4. Be on the lookout! As you build, always be aware of what you have so you you don’t over buy. What that translates to is, why buy another color that’s so close to one you already have? When I picked out a new blue lippie and looked for a new eye color to complement it, my helper showed me a couple, and I liked two of them before I realized I already had a similar color to one of them. So yay! I only bought one!
  5. Don’t forget your brushes! I’ve definitely noticed a major change in the way my M.A.C. brushes apply my makeup than my Target ones. I love Sonia Kashuk and all, but my M.A.C. brushes just do everything…better. (I keep them in my daily makeup bag, until I get my hands on the shorter M.A.C. brushes when they come out!) They’re  more precise, easier to blend with, everything is just better. And since your upgrading them, don’t forget to clean them properly, it’ll keep bacteria at bay, and make them last forever!

Looking great on a budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice what you want. I like the quality of the higher end cosmetics and how they work with my skin. I also love the fact that I can try them on before I buy. It’s just what works for me. So I hope these tips help you get closer to that makeup that seems out of reach!


Not saying a bare face is bad…

….but a few basic touches make a HUGE difference! Before I decided to redo this thing called makeup, this is how I walked around…and I didn’t realize its effects on my psyche; because I felt as ‘blah’ as I looked, nor did I recognize that’s how people treated me…like blah.  

So here’s the 4 easy steps I take before I leave home, or even on the train to work, that give me that instant confidence booster that lasts all day! Cuz I’ll be honest, when you look good, you feel amazing!

  1. Fill those eyebrows in! Nothing else frames a face quite like them.
  2. Use concealer underneath for a clean  eyebrow line, and apply all over eyelid for a matte finish. Most days I don’t wear eyeshadow, just concealer!
  3. Line those lids to make your eyes pop, and follow up with mascara. Trust me, you’ll see the difference!
  4. Do something easy to your lips-lip gloss, liner and gloss or lipstick-and your face is done!

And that takes all of 5 minutes, and you’re presenting a fresher face to the world without even looking made up! 

Go get em Devas!

Hey M.A.C. users!

If finding the right color in your collection has turned into an Easter egg hunt, this post is for you!! I’ve been into more compacts lately, and a light bulb went off! If I could just get my single eyeshadows into a compact, life would be that much easier! So I watched a video by LittleMakeupDiva to get the gist of the process, and here’s how I adapted it!

  1. Take some scissors (a knife, or slim flat edged whatever) and pry the top of the pan off. Put your flat edge in the crack just above the clasp that holds the lid closed.  
  2. The video used a flat iron, but since I couldn’t find mine, I used one of the eyes on my stove, set way low. Just put the part to removed on a strip of aluminum foil (like so) and place it on the eye for about a minute or two..this melts the glue that holds the metal pot in the plastic enclosure so don’t keep it on the eye (or flat iron) too long or the plastic will warp. When I’m done, I’m going to trade my empty singles in for free stuff! So you would want them to close.. 
  3. Once the pan is hot enough, use something pointy to push the middle of the pan out like so! Be careful, the metal pan is hot!  
  4. Once you pop the pan out, you can put the plastic part back in the single. I got some magnetic paper from Michael’s and cut out small circles (I began by tracing the metal pots, but quickly scrapped that idea since 1. They don’t have to be perfect, and 2. I could eyeball the size). Peel the adhesive backing off, and place it on the pan (like so)   
  5. The previous step called for rubbing alcohol to remove the excess glue, but it’s practically all covered by this step because you peel the label off of the single and cover the magnet so you’ll know what to replace! For the pans that had glue stuck to the sides, I just pulled it off with my nails.  
  6. Congratulations, your pan is now ready to go into the compact! And don’t worry, although this is so DIY, you can rearrange the pans if necessary. Just use a cotton swab and press around until the opposite side pops up. (There’s an indentation in the compact well) 

I really am happy with my ‘new’ compacts, and I hope to use my colors more frequently now that I have easier access to them. And now that I’m aware of the customizable compacts, I will buy these and save $ instead of buying singles from now on! 

So when these colors run out, I’ll replace them with the ready-to-insert pots, they’re $5 cheaper than singles..

Hope this helps, happy hunting yall!


Daytime Vamp..

…is pretty fun! But I digress, I’ll get straight to the point of this post…all items/colors are courtesy of M.A.C. Cosmetics..


  1. Stud eyebrow pencil
  2. NW35 pro longwear concealer
  3. Haux, Antiqued, Honeylust eyeshadows
  4. Definedly Black pro longwear eye liner
  5. Blacktrack fluidline gel liner
  6. Melon pigment


  1. Raisin blush
  2. Petal Power mineralize blush
  3. Medium Deep skinfinish


  1. Bespoken pro longwear liner
  2. Antique Velvet matte lipstick

Tutorial coming soon!

Noon day glam…

…is totally freakin awesome! Sometimes you just get up and say to yourself, “I feel good!” So you do what you do to look the part!

Yesterday was that day for me…I got dressed up, jewelry and all, and did my face. Light contouring with concealer and blush, and a bit more dramatic with my eyes and lip color than I usually do for my daytime look. I looked fabulous!

Ok, this is where this post gets serious. As I ran some “regular” errands, I’ve never noticed as many people being so courteous to me before. I was greeted by so many nods and how-do-you-do smiles it almost reminded me of home! (I’m a Southerner.) But the nostalgia was short-lived, as it reminded me er, brought to my attention how disconnected we’ve become from each other. To be honest, I have noticed a change in how folks initially treat me since I’ve been wearing eyeliner and mascara everyday, but yesterday was a HUGE difference. No one let me cut in line though (lol), but people were generally more gracious and friendly towards me.
I just wanted to look the way I felt, and ended up drawing even more good energy to me! 

Not saying that the accidental social experiment was all bad and we’re all dangerously superficial, but the upside to this is when you exude that kind of confidence and positive vibes, your surroundings are positively drawn back to you. And it certainly feels good!