So I’ve decided to LOC my hair! 

Although I’ve always flirted with the idea of having them, I’ve taken some time before I published this for a couple reasons: I wanted to be sure of my decision, and I wanted to come to terms that my hair isn’t free to style in the way I’m (and my followers are) accustomed to.

I began this new journey 8/6/16, with a failed interlock attempt. My very first lesson! The size of the sections determines the final look! Thank goodness I changed my mind in time to take them down and put Miss Deva in mini twists. Much better! 

I’ve finally come to terms with my business name not exactly matching my hair anymore, yet Miss Deva is still the same. I still have to use the same care and maintenance steps that I’ve learned over the years to keep my locs as healthy as my coils! I still have to moisturize my locs to avoid breakage, because healthy locs can only come from my healthy coils! 

I look forward to this new journey, and I can’t wait to experiment with color and styling, and I’m loving the ease of daily styling. My days are long and full, so as long as my roots are neat, I’m good to go! Even my wash days no longer consume so much effort; twisting after washing only takes an hour and a half compared to 3+ hours for a natural hair style. My schedule no longer accommodates those sessions.

Needless to say, I love my new look and what it’s becoming! After my interlock fail, I found my inspiration pics (Goapele, Ava DuVernay) and I must say I’m glad I didn’t continue going blind and that I remembered to use a piece of advice I tell my clients: “Have a visual goal in mind of what you want your hair to look like” and it’s working! 

It goes without saying that I’ve started a new growth challenge, so contact me to get started on yours too!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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