Lush Cosmetics Made My Day!

And it can make yours, too! A Facebook friend raved about this store a while back, and with chagrin I told her I hadn’t heard of it and it wasn’t in my area. Lo and behold, it is now and I finally got to experience it! I walked in with my two children and you would’ve thought they were in an Exploratorium of sorts, and not just me! There was so much to see, smell, and try, and the associates are very knowledgeable. One even took the time to show my very-hands-on-and-enthusiastic 6-year-old around the nearby products as I moved around and asked my associate millions of questions!

Here’s what I think of Lush, and why you need to experience it too! Tiffany, this one’s for you!

If you haven’t heard of Lush Cosmetics, it’s an all natural cosmetics company based in England that has also gotten into hair care products–makes sense right? Of course I was drawn to the shampoos and conditioners, and when I saw this Kinky hot oil treatment I HAD to try it! I also grabbed the Blousey and Montalbano shampoos, which are a moisturizing shampoo and a deep-cleansing lemon bar, respectively. Since I wear makeup often I decided to give Cosmetic Warrior fresh face a try, my daughter wanted to try the Rosy Cheeks fresh face mask, and my son was so excited over the blue shower jelly (Woosh) so I obliged them both as well lol. Lush has all natural bath bombs, makeup, shower gels, henna, and more!

But they’re more than your typical cosmetics company. They do not believe in animal testing at all so they don’t partner with or buy from any company that tests on animals, and actually have a hair lab and spa in England where you can get treatments and give your feedback in a professional setting. It’s SO on my bucket list to go Poole, England! The oh-so-helpful associates included a catalog in my bag, and there are literally so many products that I want to try it’s ridiculous! But I’ll start with these for now, watch this quick video to see how they changed my hair!

Disclaimer: My products were not sponsored, I paid for them with my own money.

Have you tried Lush Cosmetics yet? Where all my Lushies at?! Did I just make that up? Lol..

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