So I have the biggest headache ever…

…because I’m detoxing! Yeah, I had a few days where I ate some things that I shouldn’t have had, and I’m right now I’m experiencing candida die off symptoms. Normally I would dial my detox down a bit to lessen my current symptoms, but I’m determined to get through this because I want to as aggressive as I can this time around and make this the last time. I have made lots of progress so far, but I admit I haven’t gone without simple sugars long enough to ensure candida doesn’t rear its ugly head again.


If you’re reading this with a funny look on your face, don’t worry. I was there too. It doesn’t make much sense to make myself feel worse to get better, but that’s how I know I’m killing these toxins. There are many detox symptoms, and I’m going to do my best to shed some light on them so you’ll be aware of them when you decide to detox.


So what are detox symptoms?

Detoxing is not for the faint of heart. Depending on the type, it can actually get pretty intense! As we starve or kill the toxins in our body (in my case Candida), they release even more toxins into our bodies. This process is also known as a Herxheimer reaction, and can be dangerous if you’re not careful. As you kill the toxins, they can express themselves and leave the body through:

  • Acne
  • Headaches
  • Chills
  • Itchiness, skin rashes or hives
  • Diarrhea or constipation
  • Sweating
  • Fever
  • Nausea

When we experience any of these symptoms, it means we’re killing the toxins faster than our livers can tolerate the exchange. Since the toxic overload can actually kill brain cells, it’s important to manage your symptoms. I was out for most of the day so I had to operate with my headache; but when I got home, I drank a detox tea from Teavana that reduced my migraine to just a nagging headache. I also took two Candidase pills that are helping reduce the detox discomfort I’m having. I laid on my side for a few minutes so it could kick in enough for me to type this comfortably, and I feel so much better now.

There’s nothing on Earth like this!

Yes there is, and it could be worse, dear grasshopper. The physical process is much like we’re experiencing drug withdrawal symptoms, when you see folks quitting drugs cold turkey–they get the shakes, night sweats, hallucinations, nausea & vomiting, and more–albeit these symptoms are much more debilitating. It’s much better for recovering drug addicts to be in a rehab in order to undergo these changes in a controlled and supervised setting. Yes, these toxins are like drugs that take over our bodies and give us ‘highs’– especially sugar and caffeine! You know, that feeling you get when you eat a slice of cheesecake or how your everything changes when you’ve had your morning macchiato…think about it, you’re addicted.


What else can I do to reduce the symptoms?

These help flush the toxins out faster to keep up with the die off, and you get to manage your symptoms!

  • Increasing your water intake
  • Drinking detox/herbal teas
  • Taking epsom salt baths
  • Dry brushing
  • Getting adequate rest
  • Avoiding unnecessary stress
  • Minimize exposure to the same toxins that created your situation (In my case, sugar)
  • Remain positive that these unpleasant symptoms are temporary and will wane with time

Okay, the last four do not directly flush toxins, but they do help you manage your symptoms by providing a healthy and stable environment free of toxins. Rest allows your body to heal, which helps your body deal with the toxins efficiently. Unnecessary stress weakens your immune system, which hampers your body’s ability to deal with the toxic overload. It’s important to steer clear of the known toxins that caused your situation while you’re detoxing so you don’t pile on more work for your body to do.

Most importantly, you/we have to stay positive throughout this process. As long as the symptoms are tolerable, they will fade as you stay the course. Since these symptoms make you/us feel ‘worse’ than before, the Herxheimer phase is where most folks misinterpret the fact that their bodies are actually eliminating toxins and quit prematurely; I admit I’ve quit too soon before.

My friends, if you’re going through any of these symptoms, it means you’re on the right track to getting closer to your goal. And if you’re getting ready to start your journey, arm yourself with this information to manage your symptoms effectively. I see it as a rite of passage now lol.


How did you get through your detox symptoms? Leave a comment!


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