Update: What’s in my Beauty Bag?


I’ve been plagued by acne ever since puberty, but I was horrified to find that instead of it going away over time like most adults mine got worse! It took years for me to realize that my acne was diet and stress related; I had gotten so toxic! Now that I’ve made significant progress in that area, I’ve found that my travel bag has gotten so much lighter, and more organized! Thank God for travel sized containers too! Read on to find my first ever giveaway! 🎁

*Note: my brush doesn’t fit in the bag with everything else, but I’m good with that because I leave it out to dry anyway! Lol

So here’s what’s in it, and why it’s new! (Starting with the oldies but goodies!)

  1. Baking soda – It was in my bag before, and it’ll never leave because I really use it everyday. It has multiple uses (lip exfoliator, teeth whitener, and not to mention laundry lol), and it’s CHEAP! A box lasts for forever if you only use it in the bathroom.
  2. Clarisonic brush – Also a staple, and I must say with the price tag it’s so worth it, because I’ve used mine over 1460 times, which works out to about 10 cents/wash. So I’ve gotten my money’s worth! (wanna see the math? 365 x 2 years = 760 x twice daily = 1460 washes. $150 Mia 2/1460 = .10 cents! Now who says you don’t use algebra after high school? Lol)
  3. Calamine lotion – I used to use it to kill shine every day, but now I only use it when I do a full face of makeup. I don’t wear it everyday, and when I do, I forget I have it on when my face itches! Calamine lotion keeps makeup from itching my face. Period.
  4. Toner  – I reintroduced this one first as I had tried this line (2 years ago) before I realized and addressed my internal issues. Although Castile soap initially helped me clear my horribly clogged pores, it had started leaving my face feeling like it was so stripped. I had some of this left over and I was so glad I hadn’t gotten rid of it! The name is Toner, but it sure doesn’t feel like the others by the same name! It feels like water, and my skin feels so hydrated afterwards! So now it has a home in my bag’s fingertip sprayer.
  5. Cleanser – This is much more gentle on my skin than Castile soap. Instead of feeling like my face is paper thin, my skin actually feels clean and smooth without that squeaky-clean and stretched feeling. It smells so nice and clean, and removes my stubborn (read: waterproof) eye makeup too!
  6. Lip & Eye Cream – This little tube carries a huge punch! I apply this cream on the delicate skin under my eyes, the laugh lines forming around my mouth and nose, and even on my lips! Baking soda keeps them exfoliated, and I don’t have to use it as often anymore since this cream hydrates them! I’ve seen such a big difference in those areas in just a week!
  7. Preventage – It protects the delicate skin on my face from daily elements like uv rays, smog, etc. I had a huge issue with oiliness, and I’m so excited that this dries to a matte finish now!
  8. Repairage – This daily night cream really rejuvenates my skin overnight so that I don’t wake up with that harried, ‘just got out of bed’ look. I look refreshed when I wake up, and my skin feels as healthy as it looks!
  9. Whenever I do wear a full face of makeup, I must have my avacado and oatmeal mask handy to draw out any impurities that my Clarisonic couldn’t reach. Bye bye next day pimples!


These are what I use everyday (except for the Calamine lotion and avacado mask), and I’m loving my new skin! My oldies are excellent tools and products that I will never get rid of, I just had to demote them a bit because I just don’t use them as often anymore! I’m so happy my journey has taken me through the wilderness to learn how toxins express themselves! Address toxins, and your face will be so much more beautiful from the inside out, with no damaging meds! I’d like to help you on your journey too!


P.S. Begin your Skincare journey this month for an entry per product to win this travel bag! It’s perfectly compact for your FAA sized containers, and there’s still room for a small toothbrush and toothpaste!

*Entries will be awarded until 7/31/16, 12 midnight PST, retail and loyal customers only!

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