Making my way back…

…to the gym is going to be a pretty sweet transition. For lack of better words, I chose this sarcastic way of referring to the situation because I have been nursing some injuries for the past year now that haven’t let up yet. And since today is Fitness Friday, I need to uphold my daily schedule with y’all!

You see, living a healthier lifestyle is more than diet. Sure, it is about 80% of the journey, but exercise is what rounds it all out. Muscle tone, strength, flexibility, and heart rate all create the beautiful beach bodies so many long for. They even maintain curves, for you can sculpt your body exactly the way you want with targeted exercises and strength training.

I have not been physically active in at least a year, and I have noticed how my physique has changed. Although I have been able to maintain my weight with my diet, my muscle tone and mass have gone sour, and my endurance is a fraction of what it was just a year ago. Yet my body still isn’t ready to get back in there. But everyday I pray for the day I can get back to completing that last 20% on a consistent basis.

Reclaiming my physique isn’t the only reason I’m a bit nostalgic, but I had more energy when I worked out regularly. Whenever I was worried or stressed about something, keeping track of my sets and reps took my mind away from it. And I slept better afterward. I took pride in making my clothes fit and hang better on my body. I love clothes, and I made mine look good, not the other way around. I felt good too, and that just added fuel to the fire. My journey didn’t begin with my trainer, it actually started with the Spark. It’s a free online resource that gives tips, recipes, and even exercise videos so you won’t hurt your body trying to do something lol. I used this free community until I decided to switch from being a DIYer about my body and get some training.

It’s not about being skinny, either. I’m petite, and at my height I could be a size 2. Hey, I used to be one once upon a time…but I love my curves, so I’m a healthy size 4, 6, or even an 8 depending on the maker or style. I love being fit for all of the above reasons, and because they allow me to be proud of the skin I’m in. This is what I pass on to my clients, since this is what I live everyday. That is, when my body will let me do so again lol….


Have you ever unintentionally fallen off the bandwagon? How did you get back on?

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