Clarisonic Brush Head Review!

I have bought 3 of these fantastic brushes over the last 3 years (lost one tho, and my Mia 2 is reserved for my clients), and I must say my skin has improved so much that I’ve changed my favorite type of brush head 5 times now! Clarisonic has 10 brush heads that are compatible with my Mia 1, and they all address different skin issues ranging from normal skin to dry or acne-prone skin. The packaging and explanations are very informative, so at each stage of my improvement I was able to make a very informed decision as to which brush head to try next! If you’re struggling with acne and interested in a Clarisonic, here’s how my skin improved with these brushes, and yours can too! Crazy right?!

  1. Deep Pore Cleansing – It really tackled my cystic acne, and exfoliated my skin to uncover my horribly clogged pores. I could tell I needed to change brushes after a few months when my skin started to feel like I had washed my face with sandpaper.
  2. Acne Cleansing – My cystic acne was gone, but I still had huge oil issues. If I missed my nightly wash, I’d wake up with a new (unwanted) friend. The bristles are softer, but it still got the day’s gunk off of my face. I knew it was time to change when these bristles got too harsh for my face too!
  3. Delicate – This one was a try, because I was torn between this one and the Sensitive one (which I decided on next). I don’t have dry skin (like it’s designed for), but I tried it because I was aware of my skin becoming more sensitive to irritation. It ended up being a little too soft on my skin, as I didn’t feel as clean. I used it for a month lol.
  4. Sensitive – This one was better, as it didn’t tear up my skin yet I had that clean feeling after each wash. I used this one for almost a year before I walked into Ulta and found my next (and current!) brush head! I realized it was time to change (yet again) because although I have treated my underlying acne triggers, my skin’s texture could still use an improvemnent!
  5. Radiance – This one promises to get rid of sebum and reduce the appearance of hyper-pigmentation, and I must say it’s delivering on that! It feels so luxurious, like I’m washing my face with my foundation brush! Lol..I had a recent breakout, and the mark has really faded since I started using this brush. My skin feels softer, almost like it has been airbrushed, my makeup looks so much better on now, and I’ve been able to switch from Castile soap (my longtime fave) to my gentler skincare products which are really making a difference with my skin’s elasticity!

This is how well my skin has improved in just 3 DAYS of changing to the Radiant brush and using my fave skincare line and especially my Lip & Eye cream! I use my cream under my eyes, around my mouth, and even on my lips! It’s so hydrating, I can’t wait to see how my texture continues to improve! Get yours here!

I’m so happy with how my skin has changed over the last few years, and I’m glad I took the leap and invested in my Clarisonic. It has truly changed the way I clean my face, and I don’t believe I could’ve even begun to clear up my cystic acne without it. Now that it’s gone, I’m so looking forward to maintaining my new radiant skin!

How did you overcome acne?

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