They say imitation is the best form of flattery…I remember watching this girl (@thechicnatural) when I had less hair than I needed to try her styles, and now that I’ve got a lil hair it’s time to dive right in!


Here’s how I achieved my first rendition!


  1. This is what I had to work with…stretched hair with a little shrinkage, and I ended up combing it again (I don’t use combs lol) to make it easy to braid. Like last time, it wasn’t hard to comb!
  2. Then I made three sections, and
  3. Braided the back in two French braids, and pinned the ends.
  4. Then I braided the top in Ms. Celine style braids, making the sections about an inch wide and randomly shaped. Didn’t get a pic of the braids, (they weren’t fluffy since they were so long, and I immediately switched to ‘how can I save this’ lol) but here’s what they looked like after I decided to twist them and let them set overnight.


The next morning, I untwisted the braids and took them down. I like them down, but all that hair in my face would eternally irk me so I pinned it up in my rockstar way! This style will keep my hands out of my hair for a while, so I’m happy with how it turned out! I’m sure it’ll be different the next time I try it! Thanks @thenaturalchic for the inspiration!


How did you save a hairstyle that wasn’t turning out like you wanted? Leave a comment!

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