Push your body’s RESET button!

Do you feel sluggish? Are you having it out with acne? Tired of gastrointestinal issues like GERD, constipation, and/or acid reflux? Or even recurring yeast infections, diabetes, or blood sugar issues? I know I am, and have been knocking a few things off the list by simply changing my diet and starting a monthly cleanse! The vast majority of our sicknesses and diseases exist because we eat so poorly, so changing my eating habits have made my issues so much more manageable!

Today is the day I start working towards ELIMINATION! I’m a member of a few health groups on Facebook, and I keep seeing liver cleanses, chromium piccolinate, and healthy sleeping pills! I kept wondering why, until I actually researched why they work. As my prior research taught me why and how our bodies become so toxic, this round of research answered my questions of “how do stop managing and finally get rid of them” more in depth, and on a much more aggressive scale. So all this time, I’ve been ‘cleansing’, not detoxing! My additional findings:

  1. OUR LIVERS: They’re our bodies giant water filter. Everything goes through them, and the more toxic/unhealthy foods we eat, the more our livers are damaged by the accumulation of toxins. It’s important to cleanse our livers periodically so it can continue to keep up with filtering the toxins that we can’t escape! It’s a great idea to do a monthly cleanse that addresses the bacteria in our digestive system, but don’t forget your liver!
  2. I have high blood pressure clients who are addressing their diet to not only comply with doctor’s orders, but I’ve found that my DIABETIC clients also need chromium piccolinate to lower lasting blood sugar levels, lower insulin levels, and (for my Type 2 clients) help insulin work more efficiently. My diabetic clients that need to also lose weight use this proprietary blend that includes garcinia cambogia!
  3. Although it’s impossible to “catch up” on sleep because the time has already passed, it’s very true that sleep relieves sleepiness! In this society, SLEEP has become a commodity, so our bodies often miss the opportunity to repair and rejuvenate themselves! (Like our body is its own person. Ha.) But you get the idea! Lol…long story short, we need quality sleep!

So here I go with these new additions to my journey to completely reset my insides so I can continue my monthly maintenance cleanse and healthier eating habits! My palates have changed, I don’t crave as much sugar or artificial sweeteners because 1) I don’t eat them as often, and 2) I eat and/or drink my veggies everyday! Dear Lord, I’m SO looking forward to this new detox!!

Leave a comment if you’ve ever tried a cleanse and/or detox, or if you’re interested in joining me!

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