This may be TMI…

I’ve been sitting on this draft for a while, but somebody has to say something! Often viewed with the stigma of being the “nasty woman’s disease”, over 75% of women deal with yeast infections more than 4 times a year, and anywhere from 9-23% are affected by bacterial vaginosis (BV); which means these antibiotics the doctors prescribe are NOT the answer! I can surely attest, as I have dealt with BV  off and on for decades. I finally got rid of BV, then its cousin yeast took over and this last bout I had NOT been able to really shake for months, and antibiotics only seemed to make it more aggressive. So I decided to ditch the drugs and doctors and I’m proud to say I have not only been able to bring it to a manageable level by learning what my flare-up triggers are and how to minimize them, but I’ve discovered how to get rid of the pesky critters and restore my sanity! I’ve even tried a few herbs that really make an impact, and I’ve learned the underlying culprit firsthand through a month-long personal challenge last November.

Long story short, this is something nobody really talks about (other than online message boards and reviews for the products that I’m about to share with you) and it seems everybody suffers in silence, as I did for a long time. I’m taking the cloak of secrecy off and putting this info out there because the more information I found, the more I beat it! And y’all know I gotta pay it forward! Hope this info helps!


Recurring yeast infections are not vaginal issues. Candida (the official name) is a yeast that naturally lives in our intestines, mouths, and on our skin. It is kept in check by eating a balanced diet, however, most of us don’t practice that. With that being said, yeast proliferates, and expresses in our delicate lady parts. It also expresses in the form of acne, being sluggish, skin rashes, thrush, and can make you have intense sugar/bread/pasta cravings.

The crazy (non-medical) part, is that the -azole medicines do not address the gut issue, which is why the infections keep coming back. At this point, we’re dealing with a much bigger issue that requires lifestyle changes to rectify. Below, are my favorite remedies I found along my journey before I discovered how to stop “managing the situation” and start a more aggressive approach!

TOP 6 REMEDIES (so far!) for Recurring Yeast Infections:

  1. NO Sugar Diet! – Sugar is the culprit, it feeds yeast! I know, cutting sugar completely out of your diet is virtually impossible, but anything that breaks down to sugar like alcohol, breads, and pastas literally feed yeast. When I discovered this, I realized I literally CRAVED them! If this is you, you’re setting yourself up for a fungus takeover. I went on a strict no bread/no pasta/no soda/no sugary drinks regimen last November, cutting sugar wherever I could and eating more veggies than the ones I drank, and I must say I saw the silver lining! Alas, I do like to eat cake every once and a while so it wasn’t a regimen I could realistically continue. Plus, I lost 11 pounds just from cutting sugar that month! Like I tell all my weight loss clients; if you like bread and pasta, start cutting there!
  2. Pau D’Arco – My new favorite remedy!! I drink this as a tea, and I immediately feel it causing a stir in my stomach and it makes me burp, just like I do during my monthly cleanse! Will do an official review soon, but for now, buh-bye itch!
  3. Organic Apple Cider Vinegar – Drinking a shot of this (about 3 capfuls) mixed in water after meals really neutralizes whatever you ate (makes me burp too!), and it relieves stomach issues like nausea! I also douche with about a capful in the container of water twice daily…buh-bye itch! UPDATE: I don’t have to do this anymore!
  4. Peroxide – I douche with half water/half peroxide after my period to get rid of the alkaline residue…yes, pH is important too! UPDATE: Don’t have to do this either!
  5. Goldenseal & Echinacea – Both are powerful antifungals, and I do have a single bottle of Goldenseal and a blend of the two in another bottle. There are more herbs that are antifungals, but these two were the cheapest and easiest for me to find offline.
  6. Green Tea – It breaks down the biofilm yeast makes to protect itself, which is what makes them literally immune to prescribed antibiotics!

The aforementioned are AWESOME remedies to manage yeast, but I soon learned that a more aggressive approach is needed to kill it and get rid of it for good. My change in diet only kept it in check. This is WHAT YOU NEED to KILL THE MFs…excuse my language, but if you’re reading this, you understand lol…

  1. Candex – Full of enzymes that break down yeast’s protective cell wall so they DIE.
  2. Fiber & Probiotics – Constipation provides the perfect yeast breeding ground, fiber not only absorbs the yeast “die off” by keeping waste moving out! Probiotics restores the good bacteria in your gut, which yeast hate.

I’ve been feeling so much better the past couple of months, and I owe it all to these products! Diet is the underlying culprit, so it’s really important to make healthier (read:greener) food choices. If you’re like me and do like sweets and starches sometimes, it’s best to moderate how often you consume them and use this regimen along with regular maintenance like cleanses, plenty of veggies, and probiotics. Which ever one you choose, remember: IT’S NOT BECAUSE YOU’RE NASTY! Besides, men have them too! 🤔

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