Finally put a comb in my head!

So this happened yesterday lol…

I’ve been fancying the two french braids I put in my daughter’s hair, so I decided I want them too lol…but I don’t use combs 😁.

But really tho, there isn’t anything more frustrating than trying to Frenchbraid with a bunch of tangles! So I bit my lip, took my rat tail comb, held my breath and proceeded to make my main part. It was easy! Although my hair had shrunk a little from my last light blow dry, it was still mostly stretched and made parting a breeze!

So I felt gully and thought combing it would be just as easy….WRONG! I had to run my wide toothed comb through smaller sections (starting from the bottom). Overall, it was SO much easier than trying to comb a WNG tho, so that’s my recommendation to anyone who needs to comb their hair for a particular style!

Make sure your hair is stretched first! Lol

After I combed the right side, and before I combed the left side!

Is life imitating art yet? Thankful for my regimen, loving my vitamins!

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