3 Ways to Make Your Passion Your Paycheck!

This cliche is something we hear all the time, but no one really tells us how to go about doing it! We see people doing it, seemingly living the dream life while the rest of us slave away at our boring lives, living for the next paycheck.

Well I’m here to tell you that those people aren’t part of a predetermined select few that ‘get’ to live out their wildest dreams! You can do it too, and here are 3 simple and thought-provoking questions to ask yourself to get you closer to the life you know you’ve always deserved.

  1. What, if anything, I do for FREE often? Some folks would call it a hobby, but for this exercise it would be anything that you’d do for free and LOVE doing it. Is there something that folks always ask you to help them with, and you drop everything to run to their rescue? Opportunity to MONETIZE.
  2. What do I do that others LOVE to do? This can also be a hobby, but is more geared towards something you can do or provide. Do you like shopping and/or experimenting with different looks? You can be a personal shopper or stylist. And as we all know, folks will pay for CONVENIENCE! Opportunity to MONETIZE.
  3. What was my childhood dream? Now this question is probably the most important, as the childish reasons you had were the most pure. When I was a child, I told my mother I wanted to be a beautician because even at that age, I saw how ladies left the beauty shop after getting their hair done. There was a magical change in their demeanor, and I wanted to help provide that bit of sunshine too! As adults, we’ve gotten away from really pursuing our ‘childish’ dreams for the ‘security’ of a J.O.B. If this dream is related to your answer to question #1, you’re in jackpot territory! Find a way to MONETIZE!

Now if your childhood dream is not related to question #1, don’t fear! This just means you need a VEHICLE to get you there, something to add an income stream to fund it! Find a network marketing company that will offer you a way to channel your answers to questions 1 AND/OR 3 to build that extra money to live out your wildest, most ‘childish’ dreams!

When you’re done self searching, watch this to learn 3 easy steps to put all of this into ACTION! Happy hunting!

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