The Best Way to Keep Up!

…with your changing body is to take pictures! I understand that that may be the one you can’t stand to do, but I promise you it WORKS! When I had acne and no edges I took pictures faithfully to document my transition to better skin and hair..but I must admit, I wish I took more of my physical journey; but I didn’t because I hated the way I looked. 

But I made it, and here I am!

Back to the topic tho…it’s important to take pictures because the gradual changes are easy to miss when you look at yourself in the mirror everyday. Time lapse pictures tell a visual story about how things change over time, AND others  will always notice the changes before you do…unless you notice your clothes fit differently first. 

Progress pics not only work with weight loss but with practically everything else! They worked with my acne, 

…and they work with your hair too!

You just have to stay consistent and patient with the process..your change is coming, keep changing your habits and you will see the reward!

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