If I Knew These 5 Things Back Then…

….Miss Deva would be SO much further along! You see, although there is a steep learning curve when it comes this natural hair thing, but once you’ve got it, you’ve got it!

I speak of her in 3rd person because this has been quite a journey (now that I think back, its really been since 2005)…I’ve had to get to know Miss Deva and what she likes; she loves moisture, not oil and absolutely NO GREASE. I’ve learned which hairstyles put too much tension on her (anything with pulled edges), and I’ve learned that my edges are the driest parts of my hair and require special attention, which I’m getting more consistent at providing.

Now that was what I’ve learned about Miss Deva, here’s my current TOP 5 LESSONS I’ve learned so far:

  1. Healthy hair comes from what you put IN YOUR BODY, not necessarily from what you put on it (although it certainly helps). I’ve learned that length may come from vitamins if your diet lacks certain hair-friendly nutrients, and although I have a favorite, our regimen will either support or negate their contribution. I love my hair vitamins, and I take them religiously! Not only because they boost my length, but they actually nurture and nourish my hair from the inside. My regimen is what makes Miss Deva DANCE, and ensures I keep all the length I get from my vitamins!
  2. Everything you knew about relaxed hair, WILL NOT HELP YOU NOW, so focus on learning everything new. Especially when it comes to water and greasing your scalp.
  3. Product does not MAKE your hair curly/coily, MOISTURE RETENTION does. Being a product junkie is NOT cool either. It’s EXPENSIVE and frustrating, and shows that you haven’t found what works yet. I’ve been addicted to YouTube University, watching countless product reviews to get my hair to be ‘curly’ when Miss Deva is coily. Once you address the issues you’re having with your hair, she’ll continue to ‘act out’.
  4. Your hair is NOT, and WILL NOT behave like just anybody that you found on YouTube because you like their hairstyle, and hair typing is NOT the end all be all. It’s just a great way to estimate how your hair will respond to different products.
  5. When you settle on a regimen that makes your hair DANCE, she’ll look AMAZING, like you bought her! For real, folks ask me if Miss Deva’s a wig when I take her out for a spin lol..

With that being said, its safe to say I was NO WHERE near as knowledgeable about natural hair as I am now. I’ve BC‘d 3 times now, and the 2nd time was out of pure FRUSTRATION. I’ve consumed information that wasn’t meant for Miss Deva and found a whole lot out by trial and error. I’ve even resorted to regular presses to ‘train’ my natural hair, and even texturizers to turn my natural undefined/frizzy/dry coils to ‘curls’. All because I didn’t know how to make Miss Deva dance. And my mission is to save you the trouble I went through….

How long have you been natural, and what has been your biggest lessons so far? Or your biggest gripes? ….if I could give you a personal consultation, would you redeem it? Just curious…

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