Touch Test for Your Perfect Oil and Cream!

There are SO many oils and creams out there, how to choose the right ones your hair needs for your LOC method? Good news, there are just 2 important arguments to consider when choosing the oil and cream that’s best for your hair!

  1. Thick or Thin: Common thick oils and creams are regular castor, JBCO, EVOO, and shea based butters. Common thin oils are coconut, jojoba, grapeseed, almond, and creams with a ‘whipped’ type of consistency. The perfect one for you will be in either one category or the other, and if one is not quite suitable to your liking, try a different one in the same category.
  2. Absorption vs. Coating: Remember the couch scene from ‘Coming To America’? You don’t want that! Your best oil will not leave your hand looking wet and feeling slimy if your scalp itches or if you need to fix a strand that’s gotten out of place. The oil should absorb into your hair strands, not just sit on top of them and make them greasy.

It may sound like a bit much, and for that I apologize. To remedy that, take a look at the oil you’re already using and start there. How does your hand feel after you touch it? If its greasy, chances are your current oil is too thick and it just coats your hair. How does a section of your hair feel between your thumb and forefinger? If they feel rough as you roll them against each other, again chances are your current oil is too thick and its coating your hair. Follow the same touch test for your perfect cream, and voila! You’re on your way to your staple oil and cream!

P.S. Moisturized hair does NOT come from the oil you put on it, and grease does nothing but act as a barrier–nothing comes in, and nothing comes out! WATER (or liquids like aloe vera juice and leave-in conditioner) is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for moisture.

Have you found your perfect oil and cream? Tell us in a comment!

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