What’s My Hair Type??!

Is a question most new naturals ask us old head naturals…it’s a natural texture system that ranges from 1 (bone straight) to 4 (kinky) that refers to the owner’s curl pattern, or how tightly coiled/curled their hair’s natural texture is and has benchmarks between each number. Although you do get a certain kind of esteem from knowing your hair type(s), I learned very quickly that the knowledge is to be used for a different purpose than I had naively intended.

Now that I try to think, I don’t really remember why I initially wanted to know what my hair type is…honestly it seemed like the thing I needed to know since I saw so much talk about it.

Knowing your approximate hair type is handy though. When you settle on the ballpark of your hair type, it sort of narrows the type of information you’ll spend time on reading. There’s SO much information out there; from product reviews to snippets of helpful info, it gets really hard to weed out the info YOU’RE meant to digest REAL QUICK. Knowing where your hair falls on the scale and how it behaves makes weeding out pertinent info a bit easier.

Familiarity with the typing chart also helps when you watch product reviews. Seeing a review on a similar hair type as yours saves precious time, unless you’re just curious about the product. I’ve found myself absent mindedly watching these hot brush straighteners just to see the result, knowing they will most likely never work on Miss Deva. The way Type 3-4 beauties straighten hair is NOWHERE near the way Type 1-2 ladies do. Our process is just…different. They’d have to give me one to try it because I haven’t been impressed with what I’ve seen so far lol.

In short, think of it like this: knowing your hair type is NOT like reaching the light at the end of a tunnel; it’s more like finding the key that opens the door to your very own secret tunnel that leads to happy and healthy hair! This, my friends is the real reason to know your hair type!

Here are just a few of the many charts out there, some are more helpful than others depending on the models they feature. If you don’t know why your hair isn’t behaving the way you’d like and you’re tired of spending countless hours watching random product reviews, narrow it down by getting to know your hair a little bit! 

And if you need a lil help, I’m here for you 🙂


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