I’m going vegetarian!

Well kinda…since I’ve been on this journey to a better me, I’ve learned that my diet directly affects my body in more ways than one! My face stays clearer longer, my hair grows stronger and is thicker in thin areas AND stays moist longer, and I’ve learned I have belly BLOAT not belly FAT that controls a candida takeover I’ve been battling! (Yes there IS a difference, and yes candida can be exacerbated by your gut! More on that later..lol)

I stumbled across The Master Cleanser (or the lemonade diet) a few weeks ago, and although I’m very interested in it to just clean everything out of my insides, I’ve decided to postpone it until a later date since it’s so intense…so until then, I’ve decided to eat mostly veggies! Not saying I’m going completely vegetarian or vegan since I love the occasional slice of cake, pasta, and bacon (lol)…so I’m limiting anything other than veggies and fish to once or twice a week! Let’s see how it goes!

Yesterday was Day 1, and it started with me drinking my green water (8 servings of fruits and veggies & 38 superfoods) with a few ounces of aloe Vera juice and lemon juice mixed in about 22 ounces of water. I started burping immediately as the trapped gas came up, and felt AND saw my belly deflate a bit as a result!

Me: 1, Body:0

Lunch: Tried my hand at some kale salad, and it was delish! I sautéed some broccoli slaw and chopped garlic & green onion in olive oil, added kale and the juice of 2 limes. Let the kale wilt a bit before I added dried cranberries to add a smidgen of sweetness before I removed the heat and topped with feta cheese. It was SO good, the whole bag of kale was gone before I knew it! Don’t worry, I had lots of help…I had two helpings. Made it home from my bf’s house to have the smoothest bm ever! Little did I know it would develop into a minor case of bubble guts. 😬

Dinner: The 2 helpings of spaghetti I had cleared the bubblies without adding gas and bloat! Maybe the second bottle of green water had something to do with that part lol 😜

Day 1 analysis: Success! Although I had some sweets (1 layer of a slice of Carmel cake after lunch and 2 lemon bites before dinner), I didn’t experience a spike in feminine itching as I normally do when I eat sweets! Think I’m on to something!

Yesterday was a great day, and I’m motivated to make it another one today!

Did you know your diet can heal your body? I’d heard it, but I’m finding out now!

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