My Top 10 Beauty Must Haves!!

Whenever I travel, I make sure I have ALL of these in FAA-approved containers because….I can’t be without them! I use most of these everyday, some as needed or weekly and these simple 10 have drastically improved my life and removed stress! Anybody with acne, y’all feel me on that one lol…anyhoo, here are my tried and true staples that, unlike so many others, that didn’t make the cut!

  1. Baking Soda – Its an amazing lip exfoliator and teeth whitener, for CHEAP!! Just dip your tooth brush in it to coat your toothpaste, and rub your lips with your soda-covered finger for smoother lips! A box of Arm & Hammer runs as cheap as 75 cents, the store brand’s even cheaper!
  2. Hydrogen Peroxide – It cleans pimples out after popping them, and minimizes scarring, cleans pores when applied with a cotton round or ball, and whitens teeth/cleans mouth when you swish with it after brushing!
  3. Calamine Lotion – Awesome makeup primer, lasts ALL day, and keeps me itch-free!
  4. Castille Soap – Deep cleans into pores, and removes ALL of the day’s dirt and grime!
  5. Clarisonic Brush – Ultra fast bristles remove EVERYTHING my hands can’t!
  6. Pimple Extractor – ELIMINATES scarring!
  7. Exfoliating Peel by It Works! – All natural alternative to microdermabrasion, my weekly spa treatment! (video review coming soon!)
  8. Toner by It Works! – All natural alternative to mainstream toners, it doesn’t sting at ALL, and it balances my skin’s pH! (video review coming soon!)
  9. Benzyl Peroxide – I apply it to protect newly popped pimples, and it helps keep breakouts at bay; my fave is by Neutrogena!
  10. Water! – It flushes toxins from my system so they don’t clog my pores like they used to, and my face doesn’t get rough anymore!

There you have it! Only one of them is a one time financial investment (Clarisonic), and although I did try a different brand of extractor, the more expensive Tweezerman won! (about $10, Post idea! Lol)…a couple of these items are under $5, and the rest are in the $20-$40 range and last forever! I’ve never had to buy everything all at once! Hope this helps!

What are your must-haves, let’s help someone! Leave a comment!

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