Get Growth & Retention!

Introducing…my fave vitamins! For many naturals, length is the ultimate prize! Oil challenges and hair vitamins are on many naturalistas’ lists of things to try, and trust me, I’ve tried them on my edges and nothing worked until I found these about 2 years ago. Folks will say what they will about hair vitamins, but honestly healthy hair mostly comes from what you put in your body, not from what you put on your hair. And if your diet lacks hair-friendly nutrients, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with using them for a boost! Besides, they grew my edges back, and my regimen ensures I keep all the length I get from them! Take a look at how they changed my journey this time versus my last BC!

So here’s how they work!

It is no secret that Biotin is awesome for hair growth, but it alone does not promote healthy hair. It also needs:

  1. MSN: lengthens the hair cycle so it reduces shedding and breakage
  2. Vitamins C & B6: powerful antioxidants that stop cell damage, and vitamin C helps produce collagen
  3. Vitamin E: moisturizes thirsty strands
  4. Omega-3: essential fatty acids that nourish your follicles for shinier hair that grows faster, relieves dry skin, AND strengthens brittle nails!
  5. Iron: supplies follicles with nutrient-rich blood; too little iron disrupts this supply and causes hair loss (Are you anemic?)

But My Stylist Already Takes Great Care of My Hair!

This information is in no way intended to replace your current regimen! These vitamins and nutrients will in fact make your hair more healthy from the inside out, which will result in shinier, more voluminous, more manageable hair! Your stylist will marvel at how your hair’s condition improves, and you will soon have more hair options! Take care of your hair while its under the weave, don’t depend on it!

Does It Matter If My Hair Is…?

Chemically altered? No. Natural? No. Type 1? No. Type 4C? NO!!! Although your hair’s texture will define your regimen, hair needs the same vitamins and nutrients to thrive regardless of the texture!

How Can You Help Me?

Our aptly named vitamins are perfectly balanced to nourish your Hair Skin (and) Nails; NO side effects like acne, which is usually associated with biotin because it’s perfectly balanced with numbers 1-3 above! Be on the lookout for thicker eyelashes and eyebrows too!

Our Omega-3 vitamins also help improve: healthy cholesterol levels, healthy joint movement and the body’s response to minor inflammation, and healthy cell growth!

Get your daily dose of dark, leafy greens to fortify your iron stores with our Greens! Also helps with: weight loss by detoxing and balancing your system, anemia, high blood pressure, acid reflux/ulcers, gout, fluid retention, natural energy, immunity boosting, and more!

In just a few short months from now, it’ll be my 3rd naturalversary! Well it’s almost been 3  years since the last time I BC’d. I happened to see this old photo of my hair the day I relapsed to the ‘creamy crack’ after 2 years of being natural, and then another one of Miss Deva just a few months ago and I must say I was blown away by the health and length difference!

My 1st full blown attempt at this natural journey (meaning I had BC’d) was plagued by dryness, frizziness, and plain old amateurism (is that a word?). I had no clue what I was doing, but I knew I wanted to wear MY hair in its natural state. I had really bad acne at the time too, which added stress fuel to the fire. I experimented with wigs and quick weaves (which ripped my edges out), but I became frustrated with the issues and got it chopped off for a cute short (and relaxed) haircut!

But I digress…this time around, Miss Deva earned her name! I’ve learned so much about her and figured out how to make her dance! Dance? Yes, she just doesn’t grow she thrives and grows like a weed now! I’ve found the perfect products to take care of her from the outside and the perfect vitamins to set the perfect environment from the inside! AND they GREW MY EDGES BACK!! 😃 Ya gotta get some!

Quickweaves had snatched my edges, anybody else have a transitioning horror story? Leave a comment!


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