Haute or Not?

So I got this photo off the internet…can’t remember if it was Pinterest or IG or Google lol…but it was saved as a style I wanted to try so I thought I’d give it a shot…

Seems simple enough, then I realized my mission was a bit different: I want to bring this picture to life for y’all. So here goes my interpretation…

1. I started with shrunken (but stretched) hair

2. I sectioned off the top and right side of my hair since I wanted my part on the left

 3. So it begins! I started flat twisting the sections toward my face to create the ‘bang’ part…make sure the sections are thick so you don’t end up with skinny twists! Note: the twists will expand too lol

4. Twist about 4 plaits for the ‘bang’ part, and continue flat twisting sections around the rest of your head.

 5. So I finished twisting and rolled the ends under and towards my right side to meet the ends from my ‘bang’ and tucked and pinned them under each other.

Here’s the finished look, how’d I do? Did I bring the picture to life y’all?

P.S. Marley extensions would be PERFECT  for this style!

Is this a style you’d like to try? Leave a comment!

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