So I Blow Dry Now! 

I know I’ve been sans heat for years now, but now that Miss Deva has gotten a bit longer I need a little help in the maintenance department. Not that she’s totally unmanageable without heat, but she’s a lot happier (read: less prone to tangles) and easier to style when she’s stretched. Here’s how the decision came to pass:

I’m in Sally’s, getting some rollers for my daughter’s hair. Nothing for me right? Wrong..well it began as something to use for the both of us, but now it’s more like my dryer that I happen to use on her hair too 😆.

I stood there looking at the wall of dryers for at least 20 minutes, doing a quick google of the different kinds before settling on this one:

It’s an ionic one, and I chose it because its main draw is that it dries in less time than a conventional heat dryer. I can dry my hair in less time, with less heat. Perfect, because I’m not concerned with getting my hair bone straight! The fact this dryer has interchangeable attachments is a MAJOR plus, and I’ve always wanted to try a diffuser lol.

VERDICT: 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽!! No heat damage, even when used every 3 weeks!

P.S. This is the website that really helped me decide on my dryer!

How do you feel about using a little bit of heat to stretch your hair? Leave a comment!

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