How I cut my Wash Day in half!

As we all know, “Wash Day” is pretty infamous, with it taking control over most naturals’ days, or weekend for that matter…and I had been a slave to the ‘poo too, until I realized I had to take action! This ONE thing changed the game for me, and I absolutely feel like I graduated to another level with Miss Deva! Here’s how:

Do EVERYTHING in sections!

  • PrePoo (bout 20 minutes off the clock)-Lord knows my hair was a mess, so I prepooed with Aussie Moist conditioner, water, and coconut oil by separating a section with my fingers, getting it wet with the conditioner/water mixture, and slathering it with coconut oil. This allowed me to finger detangle and remove the shed hair. Then into a loose but secure braid it went.

  • Shower/Shampoo-(clock starts) I used the steam from my shower to help the prepoo do its job, and I’ll admit I didn’t rush lol. Then I removed the cap and shampooed with my ORS Aloe shampoo, paying careful attention to my scalp and massaging the braids to work the ‘poo through, and rinse/repeat as necessary. Rinse.

  • ConditionAussie Moist to the rescue, I slathered it on and worked it through each section. Also removed more shed hair that wasn’t removed earlier. Super quick, and didn’t have to worry about Miss Deva tangling up like I did before. Rinse, paying extra attention to the braids, squeezing and massaging the water through. Voila!

And when I was done, I pulled the braids into a ponytail to set the waves! Now how long I leave them in depends lol…

Miss Deva had gotten too long for me to keep washing her like I had been! Gotta wash her in sections now, and what seemed like an entire day consumed by detangling only lasts for 2 hours instead of 4! ….by ELIMINATING all the detangling! Whew!

How long is your wash day? Leave a comment!


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