About yesterday…

….it was the day after the infamous “wash day”; during which I prepooed, washed (more info on this process next week), blow dried, and braided Miss Deva into about 9 plaits…and I decided to try my hand at some braided Bantu knots on dry hair…

It wasn’t particularly hard to sleep with them, as I got quite used to sleeping “pretty” back in my relaxed days…you know, so I wouldn’t disturb my hairdo lol

So I unraveled them to find this..

….and I wasn’t impressed lol….but I pressed on to find this…

…still wasn’t what I had in mind, but I actually liked it for when Miss Deva gets a lil longer! I tried to brainstorm ways to salvage the look, until I heard a small chance of rain in the forecast. It’s been rainy off and on, so I decided to put my freshly blow dried hair up…but how tho?

I started two loose 2-strand twists to frame my face and pulled them back with Bobby pins…I thought better of leaving the back out because of the rain, so I pulled it up and tucked the ends up and over the pins, securing them with a hair comb; like a reverse French roll…

I must say I’m pleased with the outcome!!  Not what I had in mind, but exactly what I needed, and my hooded coat kept the rain  from shriveling up my stretched hair! It was a good hair day, Rain 0: Me, 1!

When did you have to completely redo your look since your intentions didn’t really pan out? Leave a comment!

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