Day 8: Share a Scar

In June 2003, I suffered a stroke. Pretty devastating (for a 3.5 GPA undergrad freshly done with freshman year), as I had been yanked from a world filled with complex physics equations to having to learn how to walk again…to tie my shoes again…and I still haven’t ridden a bike since I’ve left the denial stage of my recovery. Needless to say, I was scarred, for a long time…years, in fact. I thought I lost everything when I found I could no longer control my vocal cords; I’ve been a singer since I was 5, and played different instruments over the years. Anger consumed me, until I realized I missed singing in a choir about 6 years later! It was like I never skipped a beat, and eventually my spirit softened and healed the scar…to think I almost let it kill me after I physically recovered.. #LoveMeChallenge2016 #ShareaScar #LifesTooShortToPlayAround #LifeHappens #HowAreYouGonnaDealWithIt #ComplainOrFight #iChooseToStandUp


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