First Wash of 2016!!

So it’s been a while, but I’m still here!

So today was wash day, and I’m proud to say it only took 2.5 hours start to finish! Here’s how it went….
 1. Just took the bonnet off lol

 2. Shampooed with ORS Olive Oil Shampoo, can you tell which side I had detangled with Aussie Moist conditioner? No comb either!!

 3. Detangled and rinsed the conditioner out with cool water, deep conditioned with Aussie’s 3 Minute Miracle and showered as usual with a clear cap on

 4. Towel-dried with a t-shirt! #Shrinkage!

 5. Used LOC method (see previous posts) to braid Miss Deva!

New things I noticed:

1. That I had to teach myself to braid with my hands underneath my hair! It’s too long to braid on top! #Awkward

2. The shed hair had wrapped around small sections of hair! Thankful that I was using my fingers to detangle my hair because I was able to work them out without pulling my hair out! #Frustrating
What I learned: Just putting a bonnet on at night isn’t enough for me anymore, I’ve got to prep for bed EVERY night! Lol

3. Shrinkage is a beast!!! OMG!! And detangling sans comb ain’t no walk in the park either, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world!!! I didn’t know what #IndiaArie meant when she talked about the “silly comb” but I really do prefer my own now!! #NoMoreCombs #LessBreakage #NaturalHairDoesGrow #YesiUseBioreStripsSometimes #LookinLike #ByeFelicia 😂😂

Here’s what I used:

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