So wash day…

….was last night! Idk what possessed me to start so late, but I did and surprisingly it didn’t take as long as I expected! I had my Marley twists in for a month, then I kept the resulting twist out for a week….as I suspected, Miss Deva had begun to loc…😒 A month’s worth of shed hair was twisted all up in there!

It was time to shampoo with my ORS aloe shampoo, which I love because it cleans without stripping, and doesn’t leave my hair squeaky (the literal squeak) clean.

Older pic:
Next up was my trusty Aussie Moist conditioner, which allowed me to fully detangle with my fingers, keeping with my no comb challenge! Those knots just slipped right past each other!

Then I rinsed with COOL water, which helps close the cuticle, and did not rinse it all out. Just most of it, while still running my fingers through the length of my hair.

And voila! Miss Deva’s all fresh and clean! I can see growth too, my vitamins are working!

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