So I’ve finally got my hair back!

And I’m so excited! I’ve really missed my hair, but the convenience of having Marley twists has been so awesome! Haven’t had to worry about daily styling for the past month, and I’m already thinking about my next protective style; it is that time of year! So until I decide, it’s back to hair care!

Although I’d love to say I’m washing my hair immediately, this week has been so busy that I’ve just enjoyed the way it looks without the Marley hair! It’s nice and full, and I can see growth in the past month! I’ll really be able to tell when wash day comes…

So as my mind readies for the season of protective styles, I doubt I’ll use many added hair styles because I really missed my coils! We’ll see what I come up with over the weekend, cuz wash day is Sunday!

Btw…these pics were taken after 11pm, and I had ZERO shine ALL DAY thanks to..#CalamineChallenge!!

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