Rough Lips?

….brush em! Yep, that’s what I said! With all these lip exfoliators on the market now, it’s so easy to ignore the one thing that’s practically in everyone’s kitchen! 
Baking soda! 

I’ve been using baking soda along with my toothpaste for that extra scrub, so I started brushing my lips for a few seconds every time I brush, and I must say it’s made quite the difference! I really noticed my rough lips when I started wearing lipstick everyday, and baking soda has made my day!

It’s important to know that baking soda can be a bit drying, so keep the contact to a minimum…a quick brush back and forth a few times is enough, and don’t worry, you’ll see and feel results! 

So now that you’ve cheaply exfoliated, (a box is less than $1!!) a moisturizer is needed to protect the exposed, softer skin! At night, I use Baby Lips by Maybelline, and during the day, I use my MAC lip primer under my lipstick, and drinking at least 8 glasses of water daily keeps those chaps at bay!

You don’t have to spend a grip to get smooth lips y’all, because you’ve probably got the remedy in your cupboard! 

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