Is there a universal cleaner like bleach, but for our bodies?

You bet there is, and it’s under everyone’s bathroom sink: Hydrogen Peroxide! It’s not only a great antiseptic on cuts and scrapes without the burn associated with alcohol, but it’s an awesome teeth whitener, pore zapper, and flora balancer of the lady parts!

So here’s all the ways I use hydrogen peroxide:

  1. Every time I brush, I hold a bit of it in my mouth as a swish, and it brightens my teeth! Don’t fill your mouth with it, since the bubbles will make it swell in your mouth, and don’t swallow! You may also want to rinse with water or mouthwash afterward.
  2. When I wash my face, I moisten a cotton round and wipe all over my face! You really get to see it working, as your pores bubble for a few seconds  before they disappear! I also dab freshly popped pimples with a wet q-tip to minimize scars!
  3. I’ve been taking antibiotics for so long for recurring BV they don’t work anymore (and they never really worked in the first place!)..I had gotten really good with maintaining a healthy balance “down there” until I got out of practice for a few months, and it came back with a vengeance! Just douche twice daily with half hydrogen peroxide and half water for a few days, and it’s gone! 

You see, hydrogen peroxide is a staple in the bathroom, much like bleach is a staple household cleaner! I get mine for 88 cents at Walmart, and I can’t live without it! 

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