New lipstick…

…used to be a hassle for me, because of my pink lips. Pretty in the package, but nothing ever looked good on. And who has the time to take it back? I certainly didn’t. That is, until I discovered the MAC counter at my then-job. I loved how you can try anything on before you bought it!

That was about a decade ago…and even until now I had never successfully tried a dark lip. Since my lips are so pink, everything I did try just looked like I smeared dirt all over them, so I just stayed away from the darker colors.

But all that has ended! Ever since my girl @garchimede hooked me up with one, I think I’m in love with dark colors! Now that I’ve gotten over that hump, my fall collection has grown to FIVE! I seriously love trying on colors before I buy them. Not only have I embraced the dark lip, I have fun trying new colors! Here’s me and my new boo Matte Royal!

I’m so glad I broke out of that shell!

Colors shown, from left to right:

Rebel, Antique Velvet (my first!), Photo, Sin, Power My Spirit (limited); all M.A.C. Cosmetics 

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