How to have the same makeup bag…

…with different looks! I prefer to use M.A.C. Cosmetics and Urban Decay, but I’m a #BallerOnABudget of sorts lol so the cost is definitely not lost on me! I don’t have everything I want (yet!), so that means I have staple items that are always in rotation as I build my collection. So here’s how I afford what I want!

  1. Don’t throw out your old stuff yet! Use them til they run out, and/or determine what staple items you can replace to start your ‘good stash’ and use your drugstore stuff for daily wear til it runs out. (I still use drugstore eyeliner and mascara daily cuz I want my M.A.C. ones to last longer! Lol)
  2. Get staple items first! Things like your foundation, eyeliner, mascara, etc., will be used frequently and under/with everything so you definitely want to start there.
  3. Build a collection. Along those lines, you’d also want to start building your staple eyeshadow/lip color/lip liner colors, and it’s good to start with interchangeable colors. For example, two eye looks with one lippie, or a couple eye looks just by changing one color. It sounds technical at first, but your creativity will surprise you!
  4. Be on the lookout! As you build, always be aware of what you have so you you don’t over buy. What that translates to is, why buy another color that’s so close to one you already have? When I picked out a new blue lippie and looked for a new eye color to complement it, my helper showed me a couple, and I liked two of them before I realized I already had a similar color to one of them. So yay! I only bought one!
  5. Don’t forget your brushes! I’ve definitely noticed a major change in the way my M.A.C. brushes apply my makeup than my Target ones. I love Sonia Kashuk and all, but my M.A.C. brushes just do everything…better. (I keep them in my daily makeup bag, until I get my hands on the shorter M.A.C. brushes when they come out!) They’re  more precise, easier to blend with, everything is just better. And since your upgrading them, don’t forget to clean them properly, it’ll keep bacteria at bay, and make them last forever!

Looking great on a budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice what you want. I like the quality of the higher end cosmetics and how they work with my skin. I also love the fact that I can try them on before I buy. It’s just what works for me. So I hope these tips help you get closer to that makeup that seems out of reach!


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