As the QUEEN of Shiny-Dom, I’ve always been on the lookout for (and willing to try) items that promise the matte look that lasts all day…and my response has been “yeah right” until I tried a tip I got from a curlfriend, and I promise you you won’t believe it until you try it!

Here it is…

Calamine lotion!

I know, I know…incredulous you are, but I was too! I’ve heard of using milk of magnesia as well, but I’m not interested in looking chalky. My friend told me the pink look of the calamine lotion disappears when she applies her foundation. I’m a singer, so I figured it was worth a shot since I’m always the “shiny one” in all my group pics…not to mention the fact that just breathing makes me shine any other day. 😒 

So of course I got me some the next day! I applied a nickel sized amount using a brush (shown below) and let it dry before applying my foundation. I did the rest of my face as normal and went about my day! 


  Took these right after I finished my face, and I did like the matte finish it left, then again, it was the beginning of the day..

As the day wore on, I noticed my skin wasn’t itchy either…another reason I limited my foundation use. Calamine lotion isn’t just for chickenpox anymore y’all! 😂😂

  Ok, this one was around 4pm…so far so good, and I’m actually impressed! My lipstick had been eaten off…I’m a nibbler at my desk lol…

 Final pic of the night! This was around 11pm, even after grabbing dinner with two friends! I’m so impressed, there’s literally no shine at all!

Okay, plot twist:

Since I didn’t see a pink tint after I applied it, I decided to try it with no foundation (because I have no time and even less interest in wearing it everyday) to see how it worked..and this face lasted all day, and no one knew any different! 

Needless to say, the #CalamineChallenge was a success, and I will definitely use it everyday!

Has anyone ever tried the #CalamineChallenge?

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