Not saying a bare face is bad…

….but a few basic touches make a HUGE difference! Before I decided to redo this thing called makeup, this is how I walked around…and I didn’t realize its effects on my psyche; because I felt as ‘blah’ as I looked, nor did I recognize that’s how people treated me…like blah.  

So here’s the 4 easy steps I take before I leave home, or even on the train to work, that give me that instant confidence booster that lasts all day! Cuz I’ll be honest, when you look good, you feel amazing!

  1. Fill those eyebrows in! Nothing else frames a face quite like them.
  2. Use concealer underneath for a clean  eyebrow line, and apply all over eyelid for a matte finish. Most days I don’t wear eyeshadow, just concealer!
  3. Line those lids to make your eyes pop, and follow up with mascara. Trust me, you’ll see the difference!
  4. Do something easy to your lips-lip gloss, liner and gloss or lipstick-and your face is done!

And that takes all of 5 minutes, and you’re presenting a fresher face to the world without even looking made up! 

Go get em Devas!

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