Hey M.A.C. users!

If finding the right color in your collection has turned into an Easter egg hunt, this post is for you!! I’ve been into more compacts lately, and a light bulb went off! If I could just get my single eyeshadows into a compact, life would be that much easier! So I watched a video by LittleMakeupDiva to get the gist of the process, and here’s how I adapted it!

  1. Take some scissors (a knife, or slim flat edged whatever) and pry the top of the pan off. Put your flat edge in the crack just above the clasp that holds the lid closed.  
  2. The video used a flat iron, but since I couldn’t find mine, I used one of the eyes on my stove, set way low. Just put the part to removed on a strip of aluminum foil (like so) and place it on the eye for about a minute or two..this melts the glue that holds the metal pot in the plastic enclosure so don’t keep it on the eye (or flat iron) too long or the plastic will warp. When I’m done, I’m going to trade my empty singles in for free stuff! So you would want them to close.. 
  3. Once the pan is hot enough, use something pointy to push the middle of the pan out like so! Be careful, the metal pan is hot!  
  4. Once you pop the pan out, you can put the plastic part back in the single. I got some magnetic paper from Michael’s and cut out small circles (I began by tracing the metal pots, but quickly scrapped that idea since 1. They don’t have to be perfect, and 2. I could eyeball the size). Peel the adhesive backing off, and place it on the pan (like so)   
  5. The previous step called for rubbing alcohol to remove the excess glue, but it’s practically all covered by this step because you peel the label off of the single and cover the magnet so you’ll know what to replace! For the pans that had glue stuck to the sides, I just pulled it off with my nails.  
  6. Congratulations, your pan is now ready to go into the compact! And don’t worry, although this is so DIY, you can rearrange the pans if necessary. Just use a cotton swab and press around until the opposite side pops up. (There’s an indentation in the compact well) 

I really am happy with my ‘new’ compacts, and I hope to use my colors more frequently now that I have easier access to them. And now that I’m aware of the customizable compacts, I will buy these and save $ instead of buying singles from now on! 

So when these colors run out, I’ll replace them with the ready-to-insert pots, they’re $5 cheaper than singles..

Hope this helps, happy hunting yall!


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