No natural hair blog is complete without…

…that good ole progress post! In fact, I love progress posts! They’re actually the reason I take so many pictures, because a week later, a month or a few down the road, I like to take a couple and put them side by side to really see the difference! It really does make all the difference when you’re struggling to stay the course…or to relapse to the creamy crack! I should know, cuz I’ve started over twice! Here are some examples, then read on how to capture your moments!



So to get those Deva-licious progress pics, here’s what you do:

  1. Take lots of pics. They don’t have to be scheduled, and take them whenever! When you’re in your car, when you’re setting your hair for bed, when you undo your hair, when the sunlight hits just right, etc. Your phone time stamps the date, so you don’t have to remember that
  2. Set a time period, then wait. If you’re just getting started, you might want to choose monthly. If you’re doing some sort of challenge, maybe weekly. But whatever you decide, use that formula to do your side by side comparisons to choose the appropriate pics!
  3. Download a collage app, like PicCollage, Instagram’s new Layout, or PhotoGrid. You can choose different layouts depending on the number of pics you choose and add effects like text for the dates.
  4. Choose similar (or the same) hairstyles for your comparisons. It’s like comparing apples to oranges, you can’t tell if your hair grew if you’re comparing a head full of twists to an Afro. You just can’t see the difference!

And voilà! You have everything you need to make those great progress pics to keep you encouraged, and to keep you aware of any changes in your precious tresses. Also, don’t delete pics as you go, but keep them so you can rotate and update your collages!

So here I am! Two years into my 3rd BC, and I must say Miss Deva is much longer this time around than the last! And it’s because I got to know her better this time, and gave her exactly what she needs! And I’m so glad to really see the difference because I take so many pics! I’m getting close to my first goal of APL, so I’m looking forward to reaching BSL!

I promise the extra attention and TLC makes all the difference!

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