Time to moisturize…

All this talk about cleansing our skin, and a beauty regimen is absolutely incomplete without a moisturizer that complements your skin type. For us oilies, I was surprised to find that using a natural oil actually helped reduce the amount of oil my skin produces, which leads to fewer breakouts! Yay!

Grapeseed oil. It’s thin and lightweight, and like Castille soap it has many uses. It’s also the oil I use in my hair..since coconut oil started weighing my hair down. Its small molecules absorb quickly into the skin and hair, and form a protective barrier against dirt and grime.

Why an oil if my face is already oily? Glad you asked! The oil that comes out of our pores is called sebum, and its production goes into overdrive when we’re not moisturizing properly. Applying a thin layer of oil and drinking a healthy amount of water (at least half your body weight in ounces) daily will make all the difference! Over washing your face will not only irritate your face, but it won’t solve your problem. Twice a day is enough.

I had little to no oil during the day when I used the peppermint version of castle soap (mixed with a little water), followed up with a smidgen of grapeseed oil. It can be found in the oil/grease aisle of your local grocery store, next to the olive oil and I usually get it for around $7! It’s greenish in color, please don’t grab the yellowish olive oil! Your face’ll be slicker than an ice skating rink! Now that I think of it, think I’ll go back to that one lol..oil is another downer, just like acne. I’m always the ‘shiny’ one in pictures, and it messes up my makeup to where I’m blotting all darn day…adding more powder just doesn’t help. I buy a large bottle of grapeseed oil, and fill a travel sized spray bottle to spray a small amount into my palm instead of pouring. One pump is enough for me, and the bottle lasts for months as well.

The featured pic is while I used the peppermint version, and my face stayed like this all day! It was a Sunday, and I stayed matte even after singing for service! Yeah. I’m going back to that one, after I finish with the tea tree one. (It keeps my acne away, but I see I’m starting to be shiny more)…

Hope this helps y’all!

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