Noon day glam…

…is totally freakin awesome! Sometimes you just get up and say to yourself, “I feel good!” So you do what you do to look the part!

Yesterday was that day for me…I got dressed up, jewelry and all, and did my face. Light contouring with concealer and blush, and a bit more dramatic with my eyes and lip color than I usually do for my daytime look. I looked fabulous!

Ok, this is where this post gets serious. As I ran some “regular” errands, I’ve never noticed as many people being so courteous to me before. I was greeted by so many nods and how-do-you-do smiles it almost reminded me of home! (I’m a Southerner.) But the nostalgia was short-lived, as it reminded me er, brought to my attention how disconnected we’ve become from each other. To be honest, I have noticed a change in how folks initially treat me since I’ve been wearing eyeliner and mascara everyday, but yesterday was a HUGE difference. No one let me cut in line though (lol), but people were generally more gracious and friendly towards me.
I just wanted to look the way I felt, and ended up drawing even more good energy to me! 

Not saying that the accidental social experiment was all bad and we’re all dangerously superficial, but the upside to this is when you exude that kind of confidence and positive vibes, your surroundings are positively drawn back to you. And it certainly feels good!

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