The many faces of twisting…

I was browsing through my phone pics and I noticed all my summer styles have come from some form of a twist! Whether it’s flat, mini, or two strand, these babies are giving me life right now!

Why? I’m glad you asked! It’s just faster for me to twist. Don’t get me wrong, I know how to braid (I have a daughter lol), but overall I’ve noticed it’s faster and easier on my joints to deal with two strands instead of three…

Now that I have all these results, I noticed how different they turned out based on how I styled them. Which brings me to an observation: styling on wet vs. dry hair has different outcomes.

Style your hair wet if you:

  • Want more curl definition
  • Are okay with a little more shrinkage

Style your hair dry if you want:

  • Big, fluffy hair
  • Stretched tresses

Of all the styles so far, I must say my favorite is the dry stretched two strand twist. Guess I just love big hair! I also noticed that styling on wet hair leaves my hair dark and shiny while dry styling leaves my hair well, drier looking. But I love the way I feel like a lioness when I wear it! 

Which method do you prefer for your hair?

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