Okay, okay…my last post wasn’t quite fair..

…I didn’t show yall why I’m so in love with Castille soap.

Acne is just difficult to deal with, and if yours is as bad as mine was, it’s downright frustrating. There are many causes, but my main one was stress, which also makes acne a never ending story.

And it goes a lil something like this: you’re stressing about (the acne you already have); you get another pimple; you stress about the new pimple and do whatever (squeeze, exfoliate, agonize, etc) you can to get rid of it; if you pop it, it leaves a scar; if you don’t, you agonize over it until you do; then you’re left to deal with (bleach, conceal) this new scar and all the old ones you’ve gotten. Then you get another one! Made me scream so many times…

Until I found tea tree oil and Castille soap, and learned that I wasn’t cleansing my oily skin properly. Tea tree oil is an amazing antibacterial agent and you really feel it working. You have to be careful though, it will burn if used liberally. It’s advised to mix it with water, but I dab it on my skin with my finger to get that tingle I’m so accustomed to from my toner days. The difference with tea tree oil is that the ‘burn’ you get from most toners is from the alcohol in them…the burn from tea tree oil is from the oil itself.

I used a lot more tea tree oil in the beginning of my journey than now (read:everytime I washed my face! Lol), and now I only use it for infrequent (hormonal) spot treatments! I also use the tea tree Castille soap, which gives me that nice infusion without applying it directly..

Ok, so here’s a couple before shots…and some during, no makeup, no filter…(insert cringe..) Oh yeah, and BC #3 was in 07/13, just before I installed the yarn braids…

Finally I’m free, free from the acne stress, from hiding behind my scars…it took some time, but it was well worth it! If you’ve been struggling with acne, I encourage you to try Castille soap as its done wonders for me. Happy hunting luvs…

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