How long will it take?

…for Miss Deva to be as long and big as my first crochet install? Length, to us naturals, can be a really easy thing to get caught up in! It’ll make us ignore raggedy ends and fry our hair to smithereens, just so we can revel in the proximity to our next hair goal! 

Yet in this post I digress, as today’s stretched twist out reminded me of a style I had last year. It was the first one that inspired my ‘devatude’ and I rocked it! I got tons of compliments on it, including “Oh it looks so natural on you!” I loved it! And I love the way my hair is becoming what I envisioned after that hairstyle. 

So….I wonder how much longer til life imitates art? Idk, but I can’t wait!

So the object of this post is to say, it may take some time, but be patient and trust that your ‘future’ hair is coming! Give her love by finding out what makes her thrive, and she’ll come through! Create the vision, water it, and watch it come to pass!

How do you see your future hair?

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