Stretching this hair…vol. I

…is something I’ve got to master, especially since fall is just around the corner! I’ve been checking out some oh so haute styles by @tjluvsbnnatural and I can’t wait to put my spin on them…but I need this hair to be in a state to cooperate (that rhymed lol). So here goes!

Here’s my hair before, and I had started before I remembered to take a picture…see how my wash and go shrinks so?

Here are the products I’m using (Dark n Lovely Au Naturale Coil Moisturizing Souffle and my current leave in mix….after I apply the cream, I brush the section through with my trusty Denman before two strand twisting all over. I’ve tried the other anti shrinkage gel on wet hair and I like it so I thought I’d give this one a try on dry hair. It has a nice creamy consistency and it’s not heavy at all. Nice absorption into my hair.

 I pull the twists into a ponytail, bobby pin the ones on top that don’t quite reach, and then band the ponytail. As you can hopefully see, I also pinned the two braids at my nape, because I didn’t want them to dry in that awkward position; up then down.

I don’t use heat otherwise, but I had my daughter blowdry my hair a little to get the stretch started. The next day…

Removed the headband I used to band my ponytail and the bobby pins. I prefer the bobby pin method, since the headband destroyed the integrity of my twists in the back..

 But most of them turned out pretty darn good! Nice and elongated.

 As I started to take them down, I discovered the twists in the back weren’t quite dry. So I twisted them all back up, and used the bobby pin method! Can’t wait to see…

 OMG I’m in love! It wasn’t as stretched as I had imagined, but my strands were definitely softer, straighter, and the twists were easier to separate and fluff! Maybe I need to do this more often, like everytime I twist my hair…but this is what I got, just in time for my cousin’s birthday party!

The right side is before the party, and the left is during and shrunk some lol..

My makeup was on point too, I feel a post coming!

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