My favorite cleanser…

…is Castile soap! Since my skin is quite oily, Castile soap really gets the grime out of my pores…especially with the help of my facial brush! Ever since I found it, my skin has never been clearer!

Here are my top 5 pros:

  1. It’s cheap! I buy the large (32 oz.) bottle for about $20 (from Target or a health store like Trader Joes, or online), and it lasts me about 6 months – and I use it twice a day! Do the math: that’s about $3/month for cleanser! Note: Check your local Target’s travel friendly section for the 2-3oz samples for about $2!
  2. It’s all natural. It’s made with natural oils and organic ingredients! Cleaning an oily face with oils sounds counterintuitive, but it works!
  3. I feel such a deep clean, there’s absolutely no need for toner! I tried it once, and I nearly burnt my face off!
  4. It doubles as my body wash. So many uses! From laundry to pets, Castille soap is a natural alternative!
  5. Multiple varieties! The tea tree version is my fave so far, since it is a great antibacterial agent and it keeps me from buying tea tree oil separately for regular use. My pores are enlarged, and this really gets the grime out for my fresh and clean feeling!

The only drawback is that some varieties will make your skin dry. The peppermint and lavender versions made my skin feel cracked, and it hurt to raise or lower my eyebrows. Until I figured to add a little water to my pump bottle! Then I was able to use the rest of the soap before trying another! So if that happens to you, adjust the amount of water accordingly!

I dare say I tried another product after I started using Castille soap, but there was no comparison and I HAD to switch back! There is just no other clean, even after a day’s worth of makeup! Hope this info helps you all, happy hunting!

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