To CoWash? or Not?


Like most naturalists, cowashing is something I didn’t know about until after I decided to never relax my hair again. If you’re reading this, then you’re probably like I was, trying to find out how I can get rid of dry, frizzy hair that feels and sounds like straw rubbing together. To cowash means to ‘rinse with conditioner’ and doing so between shampoos actually helps your hair add and retain the moisture that the everyday elements and regular shampoos strip away. It will give life to brittle, thirsty strands…you’ll see! Here’s 3 reasons why it works:

  1. Moisturized hair has less breakage. The curly nature of curlier hair texures prevents sebum from traveling down the hair shaft, which leaves our hair cuticles open and unprotected. Sebum is produced in our scalp (and skin) and protects, enriches, and moisturizes hair with lipids likefatty acids and cholesterol. These are also found in conditioners…

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