Take It All Off…


…literally! If you’ve struggled with acne and oily skin as long as I have, I know you are very familiar with the term ‘exfoliate’. From buff puffs, to facial scrubs, there are products out there that promise smoother, clearer skin. During my journey, I’ve learned that my skin is too sensitive for buff puffs and the St. Ives Apricot Scrub as they scratched up my face worse than two cats in a fight. I also learned that my face doesn’t get clean by washing with my hands. I can’t use enough Biore strips to keep up with the blockages. That is, until I discovered the Clarisonic face brush. It literally helps me cleanse my skin without oversanding it, and I can choose a softer brush head! My skin has literally transformed from this, to this!


Now this isn’t a post exclusive to Clarisonic, because at work I do use a…

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