New Season, new day!

Update: this is becoming easier to maintain! I’ve found that I don’t have to wear my contacts on a daily basis, my current glasses do allow my face to shine through! And I love how random folks take me more seriously, like at the store when I need something… I know I look young when I’m barefaced, but I didn’t realize how much just a little effort makes such a big difference! If you’ve struggled with how others perceive you (and folks trying to take advantage), try this!!


I’m returning to a love of mine…looking good! And not just when I get dressed up, but everyday!

Nope, it doesn’t mean a full face of makeup either: I just apply BB cream, line and color my lips, fill my brows, and add eyeliner and mascara. That’s it!

Why? Last Sunday was the first time in a long time I really looked at myself without my glasses and I must say I loved my look! My hair and skin are coming along nicely and my whole look is SO close to my imagination. To top it all off, I look so HAPPY! And I AM!

So there, with that being said, I vow to never leave the house without freshening up my look. It’s an instant power boost!

This look includes these MAC products: BB Cream (dark), Eyebrow pencil in Spiked, Heroine lip liner, Flat Out Fabulous matte lipstick. Almay…

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